The Silent Waters by Brittainy C. Cherry

My Rating: 4/5 Stars

Love didn’t come with guidelines. It flowed into a person with only hope as its current. There wasn’t a list of rules to follow, making sure you cared for it correctly. It didn’t give you instructions to keep it pure. It simply showed up quietly, praying you wouldn’t let it slip away

This book was heartbreaking. I was overwhelmed from the very beginning, but my excitement to read The Silent Waters was stronger, so I pushed myself although I don’t like sad books.

This is the story of Maggie and Brooks, a young couple that knows each other since childhood, and from there on their feelings progressed. Well, from Maggie point of view for sure, but for Brooks it wasn’t love at first sight! From the moment they met she had a huge crush on Brooks, but typical for any boy of his age, the resented her and tried to keep his distance.

I liked Maggie from the beginning, so chatty, smart and persistent. Her sweetness and innocence made me want to protect her and be her friend. Brooks on the other hand was rude to her, but his moments of weakness were adorable and you could feel that he was falling in love as well, although he was only 8. At that age a tragic event happens to Maggie ,(view spoiler). From there on, everything around changes, including the relationship with her family and Brooks.

The topic surrounding the book is fantastic and delivers such a strong message that leaves you lingering and wondering, because it so down to earth and unfortunately happens to so many children out there. PTSD is a very well known symptom after a traumatizing experience and parents need a lot of guidance in order to help their kids recover. Every one manifests in his own way and patience and love is needed in order to handle the aftermath.


From my point of view Maggie was left to be more time that it was recommended, until nothing could be done. The barriers lifted were too high and it took a lot of years for her to realize how to crack them. The panic and fear overcame her, leaving her without any choice than you stop all connection to the real world.

I loved her relationship with her father, it was really unique. They connected without words and I enjoyed the kind of bond that they had. Her relationship with her mother was kind of complicated for me because when guilt is involved, people tend to make a lot of mistakes and don’t even realize it. She was so fierce in protecting Maggie that didn’t understand that maybe she is not helping her, only lifting her barriers higher.

As for Brooks, their connection was on an emotional level, a profound one, that makes you believe in true love and soul mates. After the incident with Maggie, they became best friends and were inseparable since. I enjoyed their development and the peak of their feeling for each other. Once realizing how in love they are, they managed to catch my attention, because their scenes were so intense and sweet. The amount of emotions put in their dialogues was amazing and I really ached for them, because they were so good together, in perfect harmony. They connected without words, only through music and eye contact. You could literary feel their love and I was hoping they get the happy ending they deserve.

I related myself to Maggie in the books aspect. Because of her isolation, her only gate to the world were her books. She has so in love with them, being absorbed into that universe, falling in love with the characters, crying and laughing with them. I feel the same way when I’m reading, it is impossible not to relate, feel and be part of the story.

The thing that I didn’t enjoy was the tragic twist the writer included at the end of the book. I mean, there were so many sad events going on that another sad thing was not necessary from my point of view. But after thinking it better, it had to be included for the characters to have the needed closure, and the happy ending that they truly deserve.

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