The One Real Thing by Samantha Young

My Rating: 4/5 Stars

First of all, I would like to say that I’ve missed Samantha terribly and I couldn’t wait to read her new book. The Dublin series had an huge impact on me, making me very open to this kind of books and making my addiction grow deeper by every paragraph read.

One Real Thing had Samantha’s mark all over it, and I believe that even if the authors name wouldn’t have been reviled, I would have guess who it is. First, it was the heroine- so complex, independent, strong, smart, but with a past that enabled her to be truly happy. After that, the hero, that is a perfect mix of hotness and kindness, with a baggage of his own.

They meet and they click!! Cooper reminded me so much of Braden, his determination to make Jess his was outstanding and made me sway at how persistent he was. The scenes between them felt so real, were funny and hot, making them an ideal couple, that fought for happiness.

Second, you have the element that makes Samantha Young the author that I love- Family; if in the Dublin series the characters were mostly united by blood, here we have another perspective, unity by friendship and compatibility. I loved the characters that she created to back up the plot, to mingle with Jess and Cooper and I felt like she created a corner of Paradise in Hartwell.

You feel so connected to the place, the sites, the people and their stories and it’s impossible not to want to get to know them better. They created an unity that most of us would want to experience in real life.

Third but not least, the most important aspect that fascinated me was the search for happiness, a matter that everybody can relate to. This quest is so well described in this book, that sometimes made me wonder about myself and about the things that made me truly happy. I lived with Jessica her insecurities, had a total connection with her and at the end felt genuine content about how she managed to built her life. I often have those insecurities myself, but having to read them in a book and relate to a character is amazing, nevertheless when you have a happy ending.

You get the feeling that you still have a chance of having everything in life, and that those things are not only destined for fictional characters. In the same time, it makes you value more the things and persons that stand beside you, makes you cherish them more. In a few words, this book was an important life lesson for me.

Looking forward to Bailey and Vaughn’s story. I loved this characters and truly believe that the second book with be INTENSE, an authentic love/hate one.
4 stars to this amazing read, Sam if you are reading this, every book of yours is a true lesson to learn, you are amazing:)

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