Beautifully Insightful by K.C. Lynn

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

I am very excited to tell you about one of my all time favorite books.

I wasn’t prepared for the emotional roller coaster I rode, but it was worth it. When I decided for this book my expectations weren’t extremely high, but after the first chapter, it was a hit for me.
Emily and Rider’s story begins in high-school. Emily is the Governors daughter, in a society where money and appearances were everything.

Emily is also blind, but more aware of judging a person’s characters than many others that can see. She meets Ryder, a typical bad boy, who manages to intrigue and spark curiosity in Emily’s heart. Unfortunately, Ryder doesn’t meet her parents standards, forcing them to start a forbidden love story.

I loved how the characters were created, opposite by nature, but united by their strong feelings. Emily is innocent, not accepted into a rough society were not perfect is discarded. Although she is beautiful, her disability made her an outcast, being excluded mainly by her parents, that were ashamed of her.

I like that Emily maintained a pure heart despite the rejections and hard words she received, being able to see inside a person’s heart without being judgmental. She was attracted to Ryder because he was so different, but also because this difference made her feel alive, igniting feeling she never had before. Ryder is an outsider as well, but from a material point of view. He doesn’t fit in Emily’s world, because he is not rich and superficial as the people in those circles. Despite everything, they begin a relationship that will change their lives. Ryder is the key of making Emily confident, of showing her how beautiful she is inside and outside.

” What I see staring back at me is beautiful and should never be covered up.”

She gives Ryder her heart, trusting him with her body and soul , never once regretting making that decision. She can’t see, but the intensity of her feeling are a replacement for her eyes.
Their relationship developed naturally, that’s how good they are together.

He doesn’t care about her blindness, he loves her for her innocence and pure heart, for her ability to see the world in a better aura, to see him as a better person. Emily manages to change Ryder as well, making him want more from his life, to love himself more and prove he is worthy of her.

” I swear no one in the world tastes as good as this girl. Like strawberries and innocence. The strawberries is from her lip-gloss she wears all the time, but the innocence – that is all her. Who knew innocence had a taste”

In the end, their love was not enough to keep them together and because of her father’s intervention, they separate and don’t see each other for several years.
The book is divided in 2 parts: Their high-school love and after 6 years, when they are reunited. Now Ryder works for the FBI and is assigned to a case in connection with Emily’s father. In conclusion, he needs her help to seal the case. What he finds after so many years of separation makes him never want to leave her side again, and begins to search for a way of getting her back.


I was blow away by the intensity of this book. The first part was sweet. Almost like a big bubble of clichés in which you want to hide and never come out. The second part on the other hand kind of caught me off guard, being completely different, action pack and with hot scenes.

Being a hopeless romantic made me see this book from another perspective, loving the way the characters managed to change each other, to evolve and fix the mistakes they made in the past by taking chances and never letting go. This was Ryder and Emily’s case: from 2 in love but lost teenagers, they become a strong couple, eager to fight for justice and to recover what was their’s a long time ago.

Totally recommend it, you will enjoy every page.


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