Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

I am going to write this review based on my opinion about all of the series, without spoilers and in this way producing the general idea of the book.

It is one of my favorites and Kellan is still one of the most complex and amazing heroes that I have come upon.

For you to get a better idea, let me introduce you to the main plot and characters: Keira and Denny are lovers for two years and they decide to make a change. When Denny gets accepted for a dream job in another town, Keira decides to follow him, not handling being apart. Their relationship is sweet, Denny being extra protective of her.

Not having a lot of money to pay for something extra fancy, the couple accept the invitation of one of Denny’s friend from childhood to live in his house while they get the money to buy something of their own. Enter Kellan Kyle!! At the beginning they form a sincere friendship with him and everything seems like is going the way it should go.

Until Denny, due to this on demanding job, tends to let Keira more and more alone. Then is when she seeks Kellan’s company, and starts to realize how a wonderful friend he is. He helps her get a job as a waitress at the bar he is singing in ( yes, we discover that apart from being terribly gorgeous, kind and friendly, he is also a talented rock star). That’s when things get complicated… Denny travels much, Keira is left alone with Kellan, they become best friends and inevitably something happens, but don’t judge.. yet..

Now that you are aware of certain aspects of the plot, let me introduce you to the main characters: Keira- at the beginning she is uncertain, not comfortable with the change of scenario, but after a while we discover that she is a kind person and very interesting to be around. She meets Kellan, an authentic rock star, who sings in a band for a living and by the way is gorgeous, with a line of girls waiting. Of course he is a player and knows very well that with his charms and good looks can obtain everything. When he meets Keira something happens. We get to witness a beautiful friendship evolving, discovering how many things they have in common.

Their time spent together has to do with Denny’s absence, but Kellan wants to be near Keira all the time. He fells for her.. hard, leaving the player attitude aside and concentrating only on her. And now the controversial aspect of the book begins: cheating. Yes, there is cheating in this book, but after reading and feeling the book, you will realize that things are not black and white. The grey is extremely complicated..Kellan’s love for Keira is genuine and touching. He had such a tough childhood, without somebody to love him, that after meeting her, he truly felt like he belonged by her side. For a person that had no affection, he loves intense.

He was also capable of letting go and sacrificing himself to see Keira happy, by giving up his feelings for her. That’s not what a selfish person does.. Yes, he had his moments, but if you understand and try to put yourself in his shoes, it will be very though to know who to listen: heart or conscience. And Keira didn’t help either. She was pushing and pulling throughout the book, giving in temptation and other times listen to the right thing to do. She was kind of giving mixed signals, but I understand her.

It is very hard to choose between 2 wonderful men, but truly speaking, many things would have been prevented if the truth was said from the beginning. But there are things that cannot be ignored and finally you have to face the situation no matter you like it or not. They both did mistakes and didn’t handle things correctly all the time, but their love is real. Having their feelings being driven by fear and uncertainty they made wrong choices, but I really loved their love story, leaving all aspects aside.

I don’t know if all of you will agree with my opinion, but this is a complicated story, with a lot of sides and it can’t be judge that roughly. After reading this book, reflect a while on what would you have done in Keira or Kellan’s place, and I am telling you that the answer is not so easy to find:)


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