Beautiful Redemption by Jamie McGuire

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

I am making this review after finishing all the Maddox Brothers series because I didn’t want to express myself at the half of the series.. I thought that maybe the next books were going to surprise me and change my top ” Maddox Brothers” and manage to put Thomas on another spot. But guess what?? It didn’t. Thomas Maddox you are my all time favorite brother and I wouldn’t change you for anything.

The thing that makes him special from all his brothers is his confidence and attitude. He was kind of annoying at first but after the plot progressed I really liked that he generally stands out from the rest of them. Having practically raised his brothers and being like the substitute father figure, everybody respects him and loves him more than a brother to brother bond. Is something that cuts more deeper that that, and the sacrifices he had to do in the name of family for me were admirable. He gave up his childhood, then the love of his live, all in the name of brotherly love, which for him doesn’t have boundaries 🙂

Let me begin with the plot: Special agent Liis Lindy meet Special agent Thomas “freaking” Maddox <3. From the very first time they meet, everything sparks between them and the tension is passed on to the reader in a very notable way. After an intense and passionate night, they realize they have to work together and that’s when it gets interesting. Their relationship is on and off, they have funny dialogues, intense scenes and sad ones.

Liis is not for commitment and Thomas had his heart broken once, so diving into a relationship is not something he really wants now, although he deserves it more than any one. I love the way their relation develops and how they managed to get over their issues so they can be together.

This book was action packed and it had the right amount of tension to keep you intrigued until the last page. The love scenes were intense, sweet, and all the angst between the heroes, the fear of letting go and love, made this scenes more raw and genuine.

In a few words, best Maddox Brothers book!



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