Crushed by Lauren Layne

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Only 3 stars for this book, my first one from Lauren Layne and I will explain myself why:
In my opinion is was divided in 2 parts: the first one was kind of boring and I was tempted to abandon it. Good for my that I didn’t because I got to the second part when everything started to happen and I was content with reading it.

Michael and Chloe are a special couple, that managed to convince me that opposite can be together. I really connected with Michael’s problems and dilemmas about his personal life. He made a lot of mistakes in the past, mostly driven by love and now he is confronted with a terrible truth that shook him badly.

After reading about his past, I felt very sorry for him and hoped that he will get another chance in finding what he is searching for. He felt lost and lonely, without having someone to hear and help him. When he met Chloe I thought they were not suited for each other, but after seeing them together you figure out that they are amazing. Chloe is such a funny heroine and everybody will like her. She has been in love this her sister boyfriend Davon since childhood and does a lot of personal changes in her life in order to be with him. She will soon realize that maybe destiny has something else in store for her.

An element that I particularly liked in this book is the ” LOVE YOURSELF” theme, which we can see in the evolution of Chloe. In order to get Davon she needs Michael help as her personal trainer. He introduces her to sports and eating in an healthy manner. But what I enjoyed the most is that she soon realizes the benefits of having an healthier life, not for someone else, but for HER.

This is the message I loved and encourage girls that read this book in order to take upon this advice. Make changes that are necessary, but only for yourself, be the first to love your body and in that way everyone will notice and love your confidence. We get to see an evolution here from both of them and you will clearly like the result.

Michael and Chloe were a fun couple to watch, they has that push and pull thing going on, always arguing, always making fun on each other, but they also had the confidence to share each other secrets and to be first of all friends. Michael thought Chloe to be more confident and to make changes for herself, to put her needs first and she managed to make Michael open up, confront his problems and move on.

The love scenes that they had were sweet and romantic, but maybe I would have wanted more details, just to spice up their relationship a little. I feel that they deserve more scene to get to explore each other. It was nice to see their evolution, and it might sound a cliche but I like the moments they realize they can be more than just friends, it’s like a click I’ve encountered in so many books and your attention is peeked there, to see what will happen next and look forward to it.

The second part of the book has very addictive and everything happened so fast, that why I’m giving it 3 stars. I wished it would have been more centered and balanced, but in the end it was a refreshing and sweet read.


    1. Hello:) when I start a book, I really want to finish it, but I have certain limits:) This one was ok. I could pass those limits in order to finish the book, but ones just make things so hard… Thank you for linking it:D


  1. oh these two sound like a fun couple to watch out for!! I like fast paced stories but if they are too fast paced than there isn’t as much feeling of depth in the relationship that you like or expect to find. Lovely review.


  2. I just read my first Lauren Layne, Someone Like you, I have a review of it coming up on Tuesday. I adored it for what sounds like something similar to what you experienced with the second half of the book. She draws fantastic characters who seem so real. I’m going to add “Crushed” to my list, even if it’s just for the second part of the novel.


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