Mr. President by Katy Evans

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

M is for Marvelous
R. is for Real
P is for Pasion
R is for Raw
E is for Emotional
S is for Sensational
I is for Intense
D is for Duty
E is for Elegant
N is for Need
T is for Tears

Katy Evans, you may not realize this, but you manage you write one of the best books of 2016. It is official and I can’t seem to get my enthusiasm under control when regarding this story. It was fabulous/breathtaking/explosive/intense/heart whelming. And to believe that for a moment I was not so excited of reading this book, because I believe that maybe it won’t feel real. God!! Stupid, stupid me. I loved every second of this book and I am literally dying to read the sequel.

The story is unique and powerful, placed in a circle when politics and power were everything. Our heroine, Charlotte, meets Matt when she was 11. Matt came with his parents to a diner organized by her family, and immediately he managed to impress her with his attitude and confidence. He was the son of then President of the United States and everything about him was so promising and tempting. A connection was build there and even though Charlotte never saw Matt again for almost 11 years after that, she couldn’t forget him. She even wrote him a letter after their only meeting, telling him that if he would run for President, she would like to be in his campaign team.

Present day, Matt is running for president of the United States and meets Charlotte at a dinner party. Now it is time for Matt to be impressed by Charlotte and the fine way she transformed into a woman. He didn’t forget about her proposal 11 years ago and was very keen to make her part of his team. After she said “Yes”, you know what they say: the rest is history.

The relationship between Matt and Charlotte was something more than intense. I don’t know how the writer manages to create this kind of bond, but I was so absorbed into their relationship and everything felt so real, you literally can’t put the book away. It became an addiction and I just can’t help yourself in reading some more pages. The scenes between them were passionate, intense and genuine and I couldn’t see any flaws in them. They were just perfect.

The thing that I enjoyed most was how down to Earth and real the characters were. Here is wasn’t the issue with bad backgrounds in love, they were normal people but under extraordinary circumstances, that had to take a decision not for them, but for everybody else. Embarking in a relationship was kind of complicated for our heroes, because they believe if Matt was to win the elections, being a lover/husband would not be possible. He lived it himself, because his father had that burden to carry upon his shoulders and that was not the life he wanted. He fought hard to supress his feeling for Charlotte, but that tension once built and exploded made this love story epic.

Charlotte was aware of her crush on Matt, but even though, she agreed to stay by his side during the campaign. She was more realistic than he was, more aware of the damaged their relationship might inflict upon his chances of wining, but as it happened to him, the love she felt was stronger and eventually she accepted how in love she was with Matt and just let it go.

I enjoyed the connection between the characters and the fact that is was balanced: on a physical and emotional one. It was not all attraction, but it was understanding and feeling. It was a complete package and they were so good together my heart was crying for them when having to take a decision and leave all they felt aside.

Matt’s sense of duty was often put to a test, and after finishing this book and seeing how it ended, I am dying to read the second one. From my point of view, love and duty can be blended if they are balanced in an responsible way. I just hope Matt will realise that he can’t be the next president without having someone by his side to love and protect him. This job is not made in a single formula and I just wish Katy will agree with us and give them the happy ending they truly deserve.

The book was truly amazing and for a while I haven’t read something this intense and overwhelming. January please come soon!!!


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