The Roman by Sylvain Reynard

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

I need some time to digest what I’ve just read, but believe me this book is worthy every drop of emotion and excitement you put into it.
Now, after finishing this series, I believe that no one could write such an amazing story like Sylvain Reynard did. It was fantastic, breathtaking, fabulous, not predictable and the list can go on forever.Since reading the first book I was totally submerged into this universe that the writer created and couldn’t wait to get my hands on the sequels. Reading the Gabriel’s Inferno Trilogy was an amazing experience for me and Sylvain became my favorite author because of his complexity and uniqueness.As you all know, this series is made of 3 books, The Roman being the last one and everybody was super excited to discover the faith of William and Raven. The Shadow left us in a daze and really worried about how William will survive the betrayal of his subjects and how will he save Raven from the Curia.

I will not spoil anything. This book is not worth spoilers because you have to live it at a maximum intensity and assimilate the story at your pace. It was complex, with a lot of details as we are used to by Sylvain, but everything was pieced together in an amazing and flawless way.
As I said before when reviewing his work, nothing here is random, everything is precisely inserted into the story and made total sense to be there. This precision and complexity made the story a 5 stars one.

Beside the way the plot was described, the characters and relationship were magnificently presented to the reader. If you loved the heroes in the first and second books, now you will become their allies and keep your fingers crossed for them to have the happy ending they deserve.

Raven, as we are already used at, is amazing and more powerful then ever. Her love for William surpassed everything and although human, she was ready to fight every step of the way with and for him. I admired her so much for her courage and strong spirit, for her pure heart and feelings towards many people who didn’t deserved it. She was a lesson to be learn for many, especially for William, who managed to become someone completely different in this final book.

We definitely saw and evolution in William’s character, because he was acting not for himself, but for Raven. He was now following his heart and for me, seeing him this way was fantastic. As cliché as it might sound, love changed him and made him human. Although William always did the right thing for his beloved city, he now had a mission to protect Raven, and my heart was banging in my chest several time when he wanted to make the ultimate sacrifice for her.

Their love story was overwhelming and intense, like not many others I’ve read about. They are so different, in nature and perspective, but love each other so much. I felt like I was reading a paranormal version of Romeo and Juliet, because they were ready to sacrifice everything for being together and if that thing was not possible, they wanted to keep each other safe. They healed each other and accepted the difficulties that followed once giving in to their feelings. As we are used to, their love scenes were all consuming and it is impossible not to love this couple and connecting with them on all levels.

One thing that I admired at this story was the lack of predictability. This story is far from predictable, and only until you see the word “FIN” you can relax and just digest the story and the conclusions. I was thinking of another ending, but the writer had other plans in stored for us, thing that made me extremely happy and satisfied, because I’ve read something different.

It was amazing, breathtaking and definitely of the best paranormal love stories I’ve ever read.
UPDATE: Thanks to the amazing fans of Sylvain that have a chat room called, my review was read out loud and I think they liked it:D
You can find it accessing the link below:
How incredible is that??  🙂


    1. It is a very exciting and amazing read. not to mention the characters and the narrative style. I totally recommend it!


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