Fire in You by J. Lynn

My Rating: 3/5 Stars

This series has a very special place in my heart, due to the diversity of characters and stories that are presented throughout the books. J.Lynn has a particular taste when it comes to creativity and this will certainly get your attention. Because of what the books offered in return, I enjoyed them all, from Avery to Teresa, Calla, Roxy, Stephanie and now Jillian.

When I read the blurb of the story, it sounded very interesting and I wanted to begin reading it right away. I like second chances love stories and I was very curious to see the efforts that our heroes made in order to rekindle their relationship, because I believed it was normal for them to do so.. Right??? But as the plot progressed, I was truly disappointed because nothing happened as I hoped to.

Our heroes, Jillian and Brock know each other since they were young, 8 and 14 to be exactly. Brock had abusive parents and one night because he was hungry tried to rob Jillian’s father, who figured out what a great potential Brock had and took him in. He was accepted in the family and formed a strong bond with Jillian. Years passed and Brock became a professional fighter, famous and admired by many. He also became Jillian’s crush, the only boy that she ever loved, but unfortunately the feelings were not mutual. Their relationship was like brother and sister, but Jillian was determined to change that one certain night. That night will change her life forever and will force her to struggle with a lot of things in order to have everything back on track.

Jillian was a fine heroine for me because I admired her strength to move on and start living again. What she went through was a terrible accident that definitely left a mark psychically and mentally. She managed to get out of her shell and discover how lucky she is to get a second chance. She was always in love with Brock and after seeing him for the first time in 6 years, her feelings were mixed and confused. She wanted to keep a distance, tried to see him as a friend, but considered that life is to short to not live it fully. So, she took a chance to love again and hopefully not have her heart broken in the process.

Brock on the other hand was a very strange hero for me.. One minute he was not in love with Jillian, and the other one he was. I couldn’t really understand the circumstances that led him to having feelings for Jillian and couldn’t pin point exactly what moment was very reveling for him. He never shown interest in her and all of the sudden he was flirting with her and wanting to have her heart again. He said he loved her, the scene at the ending was very romantic and touching, but the flow on the book was not very genuine and it lacked conviction from his side. You really get to wonder his choices.. love or guilt?

That’s the word for it. It was not genuine and didn’t show a natural flow of their relationship. It felt like it had some wholes in it.. Like there were certain pieces and weren’t put together properly. Even their romantic scenes were not very deep and didn’t convince me that he felt something for her. Everything was kind of cold for me and I couldn’t dive into their love story as I should want to.
Not to mention that this book lacked action.. like nothing major happened in it.. it was purely about them and their re connection.

I would have expected more from this book, because the writer has potential and I truly enjoyed her previous work.


  1. I adored this book so much!!! Not my favorite of the series, I think book 3 is still my top favorite if I had to choose. But I really liked seeing these two come together again. And for me, the heroine is what made this book great. I loved her strength and making Brock work for it. Although now that I have had time to contemplate this book, I think Brock should have been made to work harder. But I think I would prefer that this book had dual POV so that we could have seen his side more. But it was still a fun romance.

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  2. Exactly 🙂 maybe it was ok to have a dual POV to understand better his reactions, his moments of realization that Jillian was the one for him.. He had to fight more, explain more some things.. But to conclude with, I’m glad they ended up together and got the closure they needed..


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