Confess by Colleen Hoover

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Best Goodreads Romance Novel of 2015- let’s see if it deserved it!

I am a very big fan of Colleen Hoover and find her work a smooth mix between reality and fantasy. When you read a romance novel you live in a perfect world and always expect a happy ending. Or maybe is just me, but my feelings are always reflected in this type of expectation, so I’m kind of disappointed when the book ends differently. But Colleen is one of the writers that managed to change my opinion regarding PERFECT, because in real life there is no perfect, and even if you try to read many books to convince yourself otherwise, sooner or later reality will dig in.

Confess was a very well balanced book with romance, reality, family issues and karma. Believe me, some things that happened here were left to destiny’s choice that unraveled me deeply. There were a lot of connections that kept me hanging until the last moment, but at the end, the satisfaction was overwhelming.

Both the idea of the book and the title were so original, an element that I didn’t encounter in any book. It is quite like an exercise for the reader as well, because besides from the story and bond with the characters, we really get to reflect on your desires and past actions. You get to analyse your inner self and find out your greatest sins, or pleasures or desires. I liked it immensely and I hope there were a lot of books respecting this pattern because it is entertaining and can’t be forget easily.


The love story between Auburn and Owen was both slow and fast burn.The intensity of their scenes together, the way they connected made me feel so many things. It all built up like fire, but in the same time it took them a while to get to the point where they admitted their feelings and just forget about their problems. They had a bumpy ride in front of them, with drama and sacrifices, but in the end I believed the ending provided was more than worthy.

Colleen always puts a strong accent on family, even when it is shown in a good or back context, but it is always there, and I appreciate it.

Again a very important element for me was how mundane and realistic their problems were, their background full of happening and events that changed them so much, but in the end made them stronger and got them in the point of meeting and falling in love. The surprise element was so present in this book and displayed that not all things are what they seem to be. You literally have to get to the last pages to fully understand the book and it’s connection.

Of course you will be in for surprises, for a lot of twist, turns, dramatic experiences, unexpected events and “OMG” moments. Speaking of OMG, follow the word and see where it takes you.

To conclude, I love Colleen and admire so much her talent and dedication to her readers. You can clearly see how much we meant to her, because she manages to write for us the most amazing and down to Earth books, full of everything to just fill your heart with joy and warmth, but also raise awareness of how difficult life can be.

I have the paperback version, and a bonus for me were the pretty colorful confessions and drawings that I simply adore.

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