Real by Katy Evans

My Rating: 5/5 Stars 

I don’t have any doubts now that I’m a dying Katy Evan’s fan. After so many books with zero disappointments, it is clear that her stories are perfect and I don’t have anything to say against them. Surely aware that perfection is very hard to reach, I make this statement.

Real is one of the most intense and raw stories I’ve ever read. This book was like a breath of fresh air, so different from what I’m use to, so powerful and deep that makes you not let go until the last word.
The plot follows Brook and Remy, a strange but powerful couple, who has managed to steal my heart not because they were perfect, on the contrary. The way this couple was built amazed me, going from broken to whole.

Brook is a former athlete that now professes physical sports therapy. One night she goes out with her friend Mel to see an underground fight, having the main star Remy Riptide. Everyone knows who Remy is, him being famous and all of that. Of course he sees her, she sees him, instant click and bang, he wants her!! I know, I am not very fond of this instant mojo love attraction, but what comes is soooo good, it didn’t affect my mood at all. I am very aware that this things only happen in books, but a girl has to keep dreaming right?

So, where was I? Yes. He wants her as his physical trainer. Only if you ask me, he doesn’t need that, it was only an excuse to get her close. Brook reluctantly agrees and soon she will go on tour with Remy and his team. Sparks fly, chemistry is boiling etc, but that is not my point. Because if you know Katy Evans you will know she delivers in terms of chemistry between heroes and steamy scenes. What I want to underline is the complexity of the hero. He challenged me intensely, because he was very tormented and broken. I really felt sorry for him and wanted Brook to find a way to heal him.

The cliche “Love can heal everything” didn’t quite worked here 100%. Yes, Broke managed to make Remy open up about his issues, managed to calm him with her presence and made him let go of his demons. But it was a very bumpy ride that showed how broken he was and what a complex character Katy built. My attention was really all focused on the connection between the 2 of them, in what way Brook managed to understand Remy and give him a new purpose. The whole accent was put on the hero from my point of view it described just how a tormented childhood and lack of love could affect a person, even when everyone thought he was over it. The repercussions of his broken childhood affected him even now and Brook had a lot of work to do to give Remy another perspective and meaning.

Here the focus was not entirely put on the psychical connection, but on understanding and trust.

I really enjoyed this book that managed to absorb me completely into the plot and its characters, by captivating my attention and making me put a lot of rhetorical questions about the human mind and the way we all click. What do we need to become better persons and what do we need to rip ourselves of the past and move on?

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