The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Claire

My Rating: 5/5 Stars 

This review will be for all the series, because for me it was impossible to make a ranking. They all have their purpose, all of them described a certain adventure of our beloved characters and each marked a distinct moment in their evolution.

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I became a fan of the series after seeing the movie.. I know it’s lame, but I haven’t heard of the series until after the movie came out. I loved the dark twist it had and after the distinct ending that the first part offered me, I had to explore the sequels to see if my intuition was right. And it was, but you have to figure that on your own.

The books follows Clary Fray, an 18 year old teenager, who’s life all of a sudden changes when she meets the Shadowhunters. On the night of her 18 birthday, her mother, Jocelyn, went missing and she is now alone, facing the horrible fact that nobody is there to help her. Soon she will meet the Shadowhunters that will let her into their world. They fight to protect their world from demons, and they were raised into this manner since childhood. Of course Clary is not used to this world full of magic, demons and spells and will have to adapt and become one of them. With her mom gone and setting on to find her, she will need their help. But soon, Clary will realize that a lot of secrets were kept from her and her links to the Shadow World are not that distant as she initially believed.


Introducing Jace Wayland. He is part of the Shadowhunters, together with Alec and Izzy Lightwood. An amazing soldier, a great leader, but very bad at socializing, Jace has now the mission to protect Clary and help her find her mother. Raised by a cruel father, Jace was adopted by Alec and Izzy’s parents and raised between the walls of the Institute, the great center of the Shadowhunters. Because of his upbringing, Jace was kind of reluctant to Clary, who awaken so many feelings in him. Soon they will became good friend, and of course it will lead to romance.

I’m warning you that their story will not be so easily to digest and there is a reason why this series has so many books. Their relationship will be very complicated, will have a lot of OMG moments, but in the end I truly think you will love them. I enjoyed their chemistry, although they were only teenagers, but it was pleasant to see the intensity of their feelings at such a young age.

Clary is a fierce and strong heroine, that grew up so much in this adventure. She went from practically dependent of her mother, to an independent person, that follows her heart even if she knows it is not always right. I liked that about Clary, that impulse she had in not giving up no matter what, to stand up for what she believed in and was always ready to sacrifice herself for others.
Jace is a really cool guy, with a lot of past issues and unfinished business, but of course he was the center of attention. This sarcastic and ironic lines were delightful to read, his courage and determination making him the best person to fight evil.


Besides Clary and Jace, I loved the Lighwoods. Izzy was amazing as usual, very easy going, but devoted to her family and goal. She knew what her mission was and her skills and intelligence made her an asset. Alec kind of irritated me at the beginning, because he was not very fond of Clary and considered her a threat to his world. I like very much his Parabatai link to Jace (a bound that could be broken only by death) and now ready he was to face anything in order to protect him. He had a true leader qualities, and I have to admit that the team would not be the same without him.
As you can see, all of them are different, but their specific qualities and even flaws, made them such an amazing team.

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Besides the good team, I loved the bad team. Cassandra Claire has so much talent in writing about evil characters it will blow you away. She killed us with some amazing villains and I am sure you will not forget them any time soon.

There are also best friends to look after, like Simon or Luke, or magical warlocks like Magnus Bane to hope will come and save the day. This universe it sooooo big, with a lot of amazing characters that by the end of the day you will have a whole list of favorites to chose from.

You maybe wonder why the series has 6 book.. Well, after reading all of them I am sure you will want more. Cassandra’s style was amazing, alternating dialogues with description and managing to really absorb you into the Shadow World. There were no dull moments, only breathtaking ones. The twist and turn will leave you hanging and amazed at how great the story is. The relationship between the characters is another aspect I enjoyed very much, with this unity and belonging element that really hits a chord.

I hope I haven’t bored you with my review, but when I begin talking about The Mortal Instruments it is very hard for me to stop. My recommendation is to read the whole series, for it to come full circle and to try to see it as a single episode, like a big adventure.

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