The Selection Series by Kiera Cass

My Rating: 4/5 Stars 

I have to admit that when I first heard  about this series I thought of The Hunger Games. I know… maybe I underestimated the series, making a comparison without reading the books first. And when I’m wrong I admit it. It has noting to do with The Hunger Games, it is a more soft series, with a different plot, characters and the essence is very different.

America is a poor girl, living with her family and struggling with the her daily chores. She is a very ambitious person, with many goals in life, but unfortunately the lack of money is taking a toll on her family and doesn’t let her spread her wings and be happy. Until the Royal family makes an announcement: the traditional Selection competition will take place and now every girl has the chance to win Prince Maxon’n heart. He is in search for true love and for the next princess who will rule Illea.

The people in Illea are divided in castes, each of them being numbered according to the financial status. America is a 5 cast and because of this, her family is pressuring her to attend the first selection, where the final girls will be chosen for the official televised Selection. Guess what? She attends and gets in.

Here we have a complicated situation because America already loves someone. His name is Aspen and they plan on having a future together, despite the differences in castes. Being selected changed her life in an amazing way because now she has privileges of wearing dresses, expensive jewelries and eating delicious meals. Her family also receives money for America being in the competition, so in this way, she is more at ease with her presence here. America’s journey begins between the walls of the royal castle, were she has to pretend to be interested in Price Maxon and convince everybody that her place is in this competition. But soon enough, she won’t have to do a lot of pretending, because she will get to know the Prince better and discover what a great and noble guy he is.

This series has all the elements necessary to create an addiction: it has a very complicated love triangle, it has action, deception, lies, but also funny and enjoyable moments. Friendships will be born, deceives will shatter hearts and a lot of interesting information will be reveled. I’ve read this 3 books without breathing, because the writing style is very simple and without complicated elements, the action truly flows and guides you in the book.

I enjoyed America as a heroine, she was determined and smart, but there were some parts when I wanted to strangle her because she was not very aware of some things that were in front of her. She was torn between Aspen and Maxon and didn’t know exactly what to choose and how to move on. Her loyalty was with her family and for them she kept on going in this competition, although she was not sure all the time where she belongs.

Maxon was a great hero, e genuine prince, but exactly like America, had some growing up to do and face his responsibilities. I liked his chemistry with America and the way he treated her, but I preferred them to know each other some more, because the time they had together was just not enough. Maxon will grow as a hero throughout this series and his development will amaze you. He will truly become the king his people deserve and a small part of it will be thanks to America, who opened his perspective.

I enjoyed this series very much, totally recommend it for a pleasurable weekend when you want to escape reality and be part of this amazing adventure.

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