Commander in Chief by Katy Evans

My Rating: 3/5 Stars

I’ve waited for this book like air and after receiving the wonderful news of its early release, I was so excited to read the conclusion of this amazing love story.

Matt is now president of The United States and hasn’t seen Charlotte in over 2 months, right after the news of his election was released. Because of the complicated situation that Matt was not able to be president and love someone in the same time, Charlotte decided to sacrifice her love for him and put the people’s need first.

Of course Matt couldn’t stay away much time and he looks for her in order to make a stunning proposition. He wants Charlotte to be his Acting First Lady, in this way having her close all the time. She accepts and you can figure out by now that being separated is not an option for this 2.

I can’t say that I loved this book, like I loved Mr. President, but I enjoyed it. For me Mr. President was something very new and raw, but if you ask me, Katy could have written a longer first book and insert Commander in Chief in it. I really didn’t get the point of having 2 books when not much happened in the second one.

Yes, maybe I am picky, but I would have preferred to see Matt chase Charlotte more, because from that point on, I didn’t see something new add to the plot. There are a very hot couple indeed, their romantic scenes were amazing, as usual, but there were a loooot of pages where Charlotte was talking about her immense devotion and love towards Matt and I just couldn’t connect with everything. After a while, reading this all over again, kind of bored me.. a little:)

Not very sure if you understood exactly how I felt and maybe you have another opinion, but that was my mood when I read this book. I wanted it more alert, maybe with some unpredictable moments, but I wasn’t surprised by anything in it. The hanging moments from the first book received their closure, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that they could have been handled differently.

I enjoyed on the other hand reading more about Matt, seeing him as President and lover, seeing him in control and in his vulnerable moments. Charlotte evolved a lot too, so from this perspective, Katy did a wonderful job in describing out beloved characters.

In conclusion, I am satisfied with the way their story ended, but I just wanted something more to keep me alert all the time, like the first book did.

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  1. I really loved this duo series so much!!! I read both in just a few hours—crazy right?? But after reading your review of the first one and reading Michele’s from Harlequin Junkie I just couldn’t resist buying them hehe

    What I really liked from this one is how much Matt and Charlotte grow both as individuals and as a couple.

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