Of Light And Fire by Gina Shafer

My Ratings: 4/5 Stars

When the author contacted me for a review, I was extremely excited to try something new. Lately my main focus was Romance, but now, thanks to Gina, I was really satisfied with the decision I’ve made in reading her book.

Let me tell you what she told me, and we will discuss every aspect of this paragraph: ” My book is called Of Light And Fire and it is a fantasy built upon a strong father/son relationship with a bit of romance mixed in and a lot of twists and turns “. This statement is highly modest and it reached my curiosity. The element that impacted me was father/son relationship, but for you to understand my point, let me share bits and pieces of the plot.

Our hero, Elijah, lives in a dark and complicated world, where others like him fight demons in order to survive. He is part of a group called Sicarri, that protects humans from demons. Basically demons are humans that used magic in high proportions and after that, there was no way of reversing the process, transforming in supernatural beings. He, alongside other skilled fighters dedicated their entire existence in seeing this creatures gone and trying to have a safe and happy life. During all this tormented times, he found a way to love. He has a wife, Vara, and a son, Soren. His determination in killing demons comes from the immense love he feels for his family, for keeping them safe and protected from others that want to do them harm. Until one day, he receives a message from an old friend that needs his help. Promising that he will be back in no time, Elijah doesn’t know he will be walking right into a trap, that will strip him of his family for a long period of time.

Imagini pentru eyes and fire
Enough with me spoiling, let’s talk about the things that I’ve enjoyed. As I mentioned above, I loved the father and son bond and it really melted my heart to see how a great parent Elijah is and how much he loved his son. Their relationship will be heavily tested, and I was so connected with them throughout the book, because I could feel exactly what they felt: lost, anger, sorrow, but also love and devotion to each other. They were truly an example that blood ties are unbreakable, and no matter the distance and time, once reunited, the bond is as powerful as ever.

A bit of romance. Believe me, she is being modest:) Gina managed to include in this scenario a love story, with an element of second chances, that I enjoyed deeply. I was so happy to read a lot of hot scenes, that managed to catch my attention in a very good way. Let’s just say that not everything is what it seems and our hero will begin to change the way he felt before, this leading him to his perfect match. Because of this, you will witness some very interesting scenes that will spark your imagination.

Last but not least, twist and turns. This whole book was mind blowing and full of twist and turns. I mean, literally after 3 chapters something unexpected happened and my heart was frantic and shouting “nooooo”. It was intense and captivating, and I loved every minute of it. It was not boring or dull, with a consistent plot that flew so beautifully until the end. The element of surprise was so present in this book and a big bravo to Gina for managing to keep me alert.

The only thing that I wanted to see more expanded was the ending. I know that maybe I’m kind of picky, but after such an intense plot, with a lot of strong and fierce characters, I’ve imagined a more glorious way of ending the first book of the series. But maybe Gina has something big in stored for us with her second book.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review

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