Dearest Clementine by Lex Martin

My Rating: 4/5 Stars

This was my first book from Lex Martin and after finishing it, I was a dying fan. We all know Romance is not for everyone. First, I believe you have to be genuine in order for all the readers to believe your story. That connection is very important, and not only for this genre, but for all the existing books. No connection leads to no admiration towards the book and its character. Believe me, this was not the case for Lex’s story.

I won’t spoil much from the plot, only that our heroine Clementine is a very guarded and introvert girl, with a very heavy background that lead her to this status. She was betrayed by her boyfriend, ignored by her parents and harassed by a former teacher. All of this add up to her now personality, making her seem cold and distant to everything around her. As you might predict, her walls will crumble, because of a gorgeous guy, who will show her what it means to let go and love without any fears.

Enough with the plot, because I want to focus on the characters. Clem for me was a very strong heroine, hard on the outside, but sweet and vulnerable on the inside. After all that happened to her, she doesn’t date, doesn’t go out much, her only love and dedication is for writing. She is a writer, a very talented one but apparently, even good writers may have blocking periods in which nothing comes out right. Because of this, she is very frustrated and feels like her best asset its been taken away from her. Until Gavin, our hero and a very talented journalist, wants to help her, of course in the name of art, to get rid of this block. Gavin is very different from Clem. He is straight forward, addictive and speaks his mind no matter the situation. He realises something is not Ok with her, because being as beautiful as she is, she would have to be surrounded by friends and have an active social life. But you can’t really blame Clem for being this way. I felt sorry for the things that marked her years ago, but I was so Team Gavin because I knew he will be able to crack that rough exterior and bring out the Clem she once was. Even thought sometimes Clem was very icy, I bet Gavin knew from the moment he saw her that it was all a façade.

Most of the book I’ve been like this:

The connection between our heroes was very intense, and they were in a constant state of push and pull and fire and ice. Clem was the one with her guard up, but Gavin was there to show her how beautiful life could be when you actually live it. I wanted so bad for her to start living and just give in her feelings, because they were not wrong in choosing Gavin. I kind of consider this book a second chance one, because Clem was a new person after falling for Gavin and accepting him. And boy, he was persistent, and of course extremely hot while chasing her.

The book had also a very intriguing element, revolving around Clem’s harassing teacher, but I will let you discover that by yourself. It added a bit of suspense to the story and I glad our heroine got the closure she needed. Also I enjoyed so much Clem’s friends and I am very excited to read their stories as well.

In conclusion, a very deep book, with a lot of focus on personalities and second chances. I really recommend it to anyone who doesn’t believe that love can’t change anything 🙂


  1. Well now, this sounds like a book I would enjoy tremendously! Excellent, persuasive review, Ramona 😉


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