The Room Mate by Kendall Ryan

My Rating: 3/5 Stars

This is my second book from Kendall Ryan and usually if I want an easy and romantic read her books are the perfect solution.
The blurb sounded very interesting and I’ve decided to go for it, even if I’ve read tons of books with roommates, even if they get along or not. Eventually everything turns into romance, so I know exactly the outcome, what is interesting is the transition and I wanted to see for myself if it would be original or not… I am kind of confused right now, but let’s get started..

Paige is our beloved heroine. Her life flows in an noneventful way, with a job, a best friend, but without any romance and spice in her life. Of course this all changes when she is asked by her friend to allow her brother to move in with her for a couple of months, until he will leave town to pursue a residency in medicine. She agrees, being confident that living with Cannon for 2 months will not be very complicated, due to his busy schedule and shifts. She was so wrong… She and Cannon grew up together, him being the little brother, always the shadow of Paige and his sister. Now Cannon is all grown up, and turned into a very attractive young man, who will spark the interest in our girl here.

Cannon’s life is very complicated. Besides from looking after his sister and mother, he is pursuing his dream in becoming a doctor. All the hard work has to pay of and eventually he will be rewarded in having the career of his life. Some unfortunate events made is swear of women and not love focus on the important things that matters. So, no distractions, no relationships, no ” I Love you” s, only one night stands without commitment and hard feelings. As a teen he was infatuated with Paige, but he could not reach her, couldn’t express his feelings, but now having her this close resulted in a very complicated problem for him.

The chemistry that our characters had was off the charts and explosive, but for me it didn’t feel very realistic. I know that body language is very important in a relationship and with our heroes being extremely good looking it was very hard to ignore this fact. But I didn’t believe it.. I liked the steamy scenes, they were very hot and well described, but what went on between them was very WTF for me, because they acted like teens not like adults.

I mean, the whole plot was confusing, and I am sorry for it because it began well and I really thought it would develop into something good, but there were a lot of loose ends and ideas half finished that weren’t explored as I thought. Not to mention that this obsesive idea that Cannon can’t be in a relationship because he had to follow his dream for me was nonsense.

Why have a career and be lonely? Why not have somebody to share it with? Love can’t be a distraction, is something that makes you pull through everything. And this obsessive idea in the book really upset me and didn’t justify the plot. Not to mention that I didn’t consider it original or something to take your breath away. It was not unpredictable and it lacked this contemporary vibe that I get from many books, that have a complicated plot. Here the accent was put on something not applicable and in my opinion it lacked conviction.


  1. Yeah, her books are hit and misses for me. And I don’t necessarily like the issues that come with older f and younger m. And I have read too many roommate books lately, it doesn’t intrigue me anymore. I think I’ll pass this one.


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