I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

My Rating: 4/5 stars

I’ve heard so much about Jandy Nelson, about her books, about her success and when I got the chance to read her book, I just dived right in. I knew that even if the blurb was more than revealing, that was only the beginning for this amazing story, that not only described the relationship between twins, but also showed  us their relationship with family, friends and lovers. Even if their bond was the central element, I liked to see the way they acted around particular people, that influenced their lives.

So, our main characters are Jude and Noah. The action is described in dual POV, from present to past and pending on the most important moments for the twins. They were inseparable, until something happens that makes them not talk to each other for a long time.

Noah and Jude are very different. Noah is an artist, a person that loves to describe what happened to him by drawing. This was his way of expressing his feelings and the way Jandy shared with us his POV was fantastic and very original. The way the paintings reflected Noah was remarkable and I don’t think I’ve stumble upon a more interesting way of sharing a characters with his readers.

Imagini pentru gemini tattoo

Jude on the other hand didn’t have that poetic touch in her, and at the beginning she was kind of annoying. Even if she was young, her actions were not every time the smartest, making me like Noah more. In her case, a bit of fantasy will be introduced in her story, like in a supernatural experience that was very interesting for me as a reader.

The relationship between the twins was perfect up to a certain point, and after that it was blown away by the tragedy of the events, that will lead to suffering, lost and tears. The lesson to be learned is that secrets can destroy families and 100% will affect all members of it. It is important to be opened to the ones you love, or mistakes will eventually happen and you can’t possibly take back what is already broken.

What I liked about this book was the way the characters were built, giving you this sense of genuine and reality that you don’t find in every story. They are like normal children, with real feelings and hobbies, BUT I didn’t enjoy very much the ending of the book, because everything was just too perfect. Don’t get me wrong, I was very happy that they got their closure, but in a way I felt it was unjust to the twins to go through all of this and after that, by miracle everything clicked. It was like a Mexican soap opera that after 100 episodes of tragedy, everyone was happy in the last one.

And another minus for me was the way the phrases were built, some of them being too long and with too many details that didn’t have a place there. After a while I have adjusted to the style, but it depended on my mood then, because sometimes I just skipped some unnecessary details that were not important for the plot. But here I think the writer was excited to share with us all her ideas, making us fully connect with the characters and not leave question marks behind.

Concluding, I really loved this life lesson and it made me think about it a long time after finishing reading the book. I always appreciate books with a message and Jandy managed to provide an awesome lesson about love and family.

Book provided by Epica Publishing House in exchange for an honest review. 




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