We Love… Penelope Ward


When you say ” New York Times, USA Today and #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling author” and combined it with romance, hot guys, strong heroines and steamy scenes you get Penelope Ward.

She is one of my favorite writers because of her amazing stories and characters and for creating this wonderful place in which I could just melt into and not resurface until I am happy and content. And of course I am this way every time after finishing her books, because they are addictive and written in a fabulous manner. My favorite book from her is RoomHate:)

When she agreed to answer my question I literally screamed and here I am, presenting you this interview that I hope you will like as much as I did. Enjoy:)

Ramona: Please share some interesting facts about Penelope Ward so the readers can get to know you better 🙂

Penelope: I’m a mother of two living in Rhode Island. My 12-year-old daughter has severe autism, so that’s a daily challenge. I never thought that when I started writing in 2013 that it would turn in to a whirlwind career. I have held many jobs over the years….legal secretary, television news anchor, IT customer relations manger and now romance author.

Ramona: What ignited you passion for writing?

Penelope: I started reading romance in my mid to late thirties and that evolved into trying my hand at writing and eventually becoming a full time writer.

Ramona: Why Romance and not another genre?

Penelope: It’s the only genre I like to read or write. I don’t have any passion for anything else.

 Ramona: What does your collaboration with Vi Keeland means to you?

Penelope: I am very lucky to be able to write with one of my closest friends. We think similarly and the process of co-writing is fun in a different way from solo writing. I feel very fortunate to have found that writing relationship.

Ramona: What was the easiest and the most challenging book to write?

Penelope: Jake Understood was the most challenging because it was an alternate POV to a previous book and it was a challenge to make it new and exciting. The easiest book was Stepbrother Dearest. I wrote that on a whim and the words flew out of me.

Ramona: Name a hero and heroine from your books that you are particularly attached to.

Penelope: I am very attached to Damien, the “angry artist” from Neighbor Dearest and as for the women…I would say Skylar from My Skylar.

Ramona: What do you think are your main assets as a writer?

Penelope: I think I write in a way that keeps people turning pages…at least I hope so! I am also a simple writer. I don’t use a lot of descriptives and perhaps some people might look at that as a downside.

Ramona: What do you like doing besides writing? Do you have certain hobbies or leisure activities?

Penelope: I pretty much spend any free time writing and on social media. I don’t have any other hobbies, but I love to eat out and drink coffee!

Ramona: What is your favorite quote from a book?

Penelope: Fifty Shades  is “Fuck the paperwork.” and from my own books is “The heartbeat is the purest form of honesty.” (Stepbrother Dearest)

Ramona: What Contemporary Romance writers do you love and admire for their work?

Penelope: Colleen Hoover, EL James, Julie A. Richman, Vi Keeland, Mia Asher and Penelope Douglas.

Ramona: What is your relationship with your readers? Can you please share a message for the ones that love your books?

Penelope: I spend more time online connecting with readers than anything. I want the people who read my books to know how much I appreciate them and love hearing when one of my books has touched them! I want to thank them, since I would not be here writing if it weren’t for them reading my work.

For more on Penelope Ward, simply access her website below or Goodreads profile:




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