Royally Matched by Emma Chase

My Rating: 5/5 Stars 

Reading is knowledge and knowledge is power; therefore reading is POWER. The power to know and learn and understand…but also the power to dream. Stories inspire us to reach high, love deep, change the world and be more than we ever thought we could be. Every book allows us to dream a new dream.

How can you resist a book after reading that line? 🙂

This is not my first Emma Chase book and even if I am familiar with her style, I am always blown away by how amazing she can write.. so diverse, funny and catchy. I loved Tangled and The Legal Briefs Series and now, with this new and awesome book I believe that she is back better than ever.

Royally Screwed was a pleasant surprise for me, introducing characters that connected with me instantly and a plot that kept me hanging until the last pages. I have a confession to make.. I was not over my head in love with Henry, all my focus being on Nicholas, but now, after reading his book, I admit I was wrong and judged him despite not knowing a great deal about his story and circumstances.

Royally Matched has Henry, Nicholas brother, as our leading man, the future king of Wessco and a very disorientated young man who, out of a sudden, has this terrible burden to bare. We can consider partially that Henry is not even capable of taking care of himself, but of a whole state.. but he will be such a surprise for you, that even Nicholas might feel threatened.  In his quest for inspiration and self discovery, Henry gets a unique proposal from a TV producer. To host a royalty version of Matched, meaning a lot of girls will compete for his heart, and maybe in the process he will find his queen. He agrees, mainly because he is not the obeying type and little does he knows that the purpose of this TV show will be obtain. He will find Sarah Von Titebottum , a young lady who will accept to take part in this show only to accompany her sister, Penelope. But of course Henry will attract her in an non explicable way and they will fell in love during the shoot for Matched: A Royal Edition.


I loved the characters to death. Henry was sooo funny, so strong but so vulnerable in the same time. He had this exterior that was very hard to crack and when Sarah finally managed to do it, the funny and stable Henry was replaced by a person who lost a lot in life. His parent were taken away from him at a fragile age, he adopted this wild way of leaving, but only to distract himself of the pain he really felt. Other incidents and tragedies will take a toll on him, making him this careless guy we got to know in Royally Screwed. At a first glance, he didn’t change, but when he will interact with Sarah and open up to her, we will see the pain and feelings he hid from the word, including his family. He is not sure he will make a great king, he doesn’t have a clue about laws and consequences, he was just projected into this royalty responsibility without even being asked.

Sarah will be his balance and I loved her as a heroine and kind of seen myself in her character. I loved how sensitive she was, how aware she was about everything around her. Her passion for books made me love her more, resonate with her and her believes. I liked her clumsiness, her lack of courage for speaking in public but mainly, her love for Henry. I had no doubt she was in love with him and you could actually feel the trust she put in him, in their relationship. Above that, her delicate and tragic past made me love her more and thumbs up for Henry for loving her so deeply.

So, from all this infinite talk about this couple, you can really understand how much I loved him, because despite the fragility of their hearts, their insecurities they both had, they were so good for each other and managed to heal old wounds that nobody could.


The book was fantastic and praises to Emma for sharing this fairy tale story with us, because as Sarah said in the quote above, it is important to dream every time. You dream in books, in love stories, in people you share things with, but that is your choice and feel content about it. And Emma’s stories really made me dream that fairy tales exist.


  1. I finished this book this morning and it was amazing! I can’t stop smiling every time I think about Henry and Sarah. I’ve loved the first one, but Royally Matched was beyond good! Happy to know I’m not the only one raving about it 🙂

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