Managed by Kristen Callihan

My Rating: 4/5 Stars

Girls, if you don’t have a Gabriel Scott please put up an add and look for one!!

This is my second Kristen Callihan book and I think I found a new favorite. After reading Killian’s story everybody told me that Gabriel’s will be so much better, with more drama, steamier scenes and a more delicious package. Well thank you so much, everyone was right!!!

Gabriel and Sophie meet on a plane, during one hell of a bumpy ride. Sophie seat is changed to VIP, next to Gabriel’s, leaving them to cope with each other during the flight. Gabriel is not comfortable with her presence, because as you may already found out about him, he is extremely guarded and doesn’t like anybody’s company. Especially Sophie’s that talks a lot and speaks her mind. That flight will be the beginning of something new for both of them. Destiny will bring them together, Sophie being in charge of social media advertising for Kill John, the band that Gabriel manages. They will have to work together and figure out how to be productive while trying to keep their hands off each other.

I don’t know with which character to start first. Let’s begin with Sophie! She was amazing. I love independent, strong and chatty heroines, nevertheless those who are sincere and speak their mind even if that might hurts other. She was the living figure of sincerity, beginning with telling Gabriel from the first place that she was attracted to him, to telling him in the face when he is being an ass. I wish I could be the same in real life. Even if in the past Sophie did some bad choices, with her new job for Kill John she was ready to redeem herself and in the process find people she could love and love her back. The band became her family and soon they saw her the same.
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Gabriel was such a thought cookie to crack. As you read in “IDOL” Gabriel Scott is a stone figure of a perfect man, flawless features and zero feelings. Everything he does is for the benefit of the band, without being emotional involved in anything. Everything goes by the book, zero feelings and implication. At the end of the day, his heart is sheltered from hurt and disappointment and he can managed to control everything around. Until he meets Sophie. Being so different from him, she enters his world by storm, but that personality is what makes him change. His control begins to crumble and he will allow himself to feel vulnerable and say “I Love You”! It will be a hard and long battle, but the end will be worth it.

Their relationship was amazing. A slowly and dying burn, but as I said before, it was worth it. I loved how different they were, but such a good match! Fire and ice if I can say in a formal way. I loved exploring Gabriel in his relationship with Sophie, the way he slowly changes and enables us to see a softer and romantic side of him. There were moments when I was so sorry for him, because of his childhood and marks that affected him, but I knew this transition was necessary in order for him to change and accept love in his life. The dialogues between the 2 of them were amazing: funny as hell and so well structured and hot and steamy when the situation was up to it.

I truly enjoyed this book and absorbed every page. It was a funny and delicious ride, about 2 people that meet under funny circumstances, but in the end find their way to each other. Both Gabriel and Sophie were amazing and I enjoyed seeing the band together again, doing their traditional shenanigans that made me laugh so much my cheeks hurt.


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