Easy Magic by Kristen Proby

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Usually I know when my favorite books will be released, but with Easy Magic it was a total surprise. I had no idea it was going to be released in April and of course I put aside every other book and began this one. I love the Boudreaux family and I consider every story to be special. Well, this one topped them all.

I have to make a confession. I am dying for Savannah and Ben’s story and when I saw that it will be Beau’s instead , I was a little disappointed. Not that I don’t like Beau, but this tension and chemistry with Sav and Ben is killing me. Of course Kristen knows that and will leave the best for last. But after reading Easy Magic, and don’t regret it and can easily say that this was my favorite book from the series. Until now it was Easy Charm, but well, these are the perks of reading fabulous stories, you just don’t know when you will be surprised.


Beau is the oldest of the Boudreaux. He fully took the responsibility after his dad dies and became the family man, the protector of all his brothers and sisters. All his life was dedicated to the family company, to making his father proud of him. Love was not on the menu. He had hid faire share of girls, but nothing that can make him settle and fall in love. Until he met Mallory. She has a small shop rented in his building and they met each other while Mallory needed help with a leaking pipe. That moment was epic for them, that instant attraction that went beyond anything ever felt. Mallory is special. She has a gift, passed from generation to generation. She is an empath, a clairvoyant, and a medium.. She could see and talk to dead people, comunicate with others like her only through the power of her mind and read others emotions by touching them.. So concluding, they are from different worlds, but the minute they met, Mallory felt that Beau had a calming efect over her and that near him she could be herself, a normal woman, that could let her guard down and enjoy this love that is taking over.


From now on, they will live a passionate and interesting love story, packed with “special” events that will be very different to what readers of the Boudreaux series are use to.

Mallory and Beau were so good for each other. 2 different worlds that collided and clicked perfectly. I loved Mallory as a heroine, I imagined her like a superhero with special powers, that fought for justice and struggled to keep her powers at ease. I am a fan of this type of stories and having also a passionate love as theirs was just the epic combination. She was so strong, a woman that kept her walls up in order not to get hurt, but when Beau appeared in her life, everything just changed. She felt in love with him, trusted him with her heart and didn’t regret it for a second. Beau was a very romantic and charismatic hero. He also fell deeply in love with Mallory, felt something special and couldn’t imagine being without her. He is also a traditionalist, not exactly an open minded guy, but he believed Mallory and managed to continue the relationship even if he was not 100% aware of the extend of her powers. I loved the way he treated and cared for her, how he was practically her anchor between the 2 world she shared. He will have some moments of hesitation, but as all heroes, he will figure out how to make things work again and fight for his girl 🙂

Imagini pentru love and magic quotes

This story was unconventional for this series, but I loved it. It was sweet, special, packed this hot scenes and emotional moments. I really believe that Kristen did a fabulous job on this and created such a strong bond for our couple. I loved Mallory’s dreams, they were perfect and heartbreaking, exactly what you need to cure a broken heart. I enjoyed seeing the family together again and also some members that I haven’t got the chance to meet in the previous books.

It was just sweet and perfect for me:)


  1. Great review. I skimmed part of it cause it seems like it is part of a series so I need to go and add those books to my TBR and once I have read them then I can come and read this review fully. Love the pic you used here. It is beautiful 🙂

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