Breaking Gravity by Autumn Grey

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

For those who know me, my guilty pleasure is reading professor student affair books. I LOVE THEM! I’ve read every combination, every mix of possible characters and I just can’t get enough. Even though I loved them, I am extremely picky. The story has to have something different, because I already read kind of everything and the book has to surprise me with a catch.

Well, what do you know? Braking Gravity by Autumn Grey managed to make me very curious even when reading the blurb and the book was fantastic. It hit my Top 3 student professor books ( I won’t reveal the order or the other 2 titles, if you need recommendation, just PM me:) ).

Nate Rowe has been living the most dramatic 3 years of his life. After losing his fiancée, he is terribly lost and misguided. He found refugee in drugs and medication and things aren’t looking ok for him. He was a famous cellist, but after the night he lost the love of his life, that gift was taken away from him as well. He receives a second chance by Rushmore School of Music when he is requested to take on a class. Wanting a distraction, he agrees and that is when his life changes.


Elon Blake is smart, fearless and feisty. She has a goal in life, to become one of the biggest cellist out there. When Nate introduces himself as her teacher, everything she knew comes falling apart, because she had no idea how electric this pull to him could be. This relationship has FORBIDDEN written all over and I loved every minute of it.

As I said, Nate is trying to find something to live for again. When meeting Elon, he was totally disorientated and couldn’t understand what is going on with him. He tried to kept his distance, tried to hold on to the past that was tormenting him, but Elon managed to get under his skin and give him the peace he was been craving for. Soon he will love again and will do anything in this power to put Elon first.

I don’t feel it when I’m with you.
Feel what?
The darkness. The pain. I feel…A sense of calm.

Elon was a sweet and strong heroine. Having lived an abusive childhood and relationship, her trust in men is almost zero. She doesn’t believe in happy endings and thinks they are not made for her. Wrong! Nate entered the picture and managed to make her not be scared anymore. He protected her, induced as well a calm and happiness in her life that changed Elon completely. He was so aware of the consequences of her actions, but she didn’t care, something told her this leap will mean everything to her in the end.

When I’m with you, nothing else matters. Nothing can touch me or pull me down. Not even gravity.

They healed each other in the most sweet and breathtaking way possible and I enjoyed so much their interactions, because you could feel the pain, the vulnerability but also the progress, the way the characters develop so nicely. I loved the way they accepted their feelings and fought for each other. It was intense, it was heartbreaking but in the end I had a huge smile upon my face just thinking about this wonderful couple and their journey.

I recommend this book with all my heart. It was a valuable life lesson about second chances, about being able to trust someone deeply, let go of the past and just live. I also enjoyed the secondary characters that made this wonderful family portrait and will surely delight you as well.



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