Fighting Temptation by K.C.Lynn

My Rating: 3/5 Stars

I hate it when my expectations for a book are high and I can’t give it the stars I was hoping for… I really wanted this to be a 5 stars story, because I know K.C.Lynn is awesome, but unfortunately I was wrong about this one.

After reading Beautiful Insightful, I knew that this author will be on my TBR list with a lot of books, because the story was amazingly written, a perfect package of love, action, steamy scenes and funny dialogues. So, I ended up choosing Fighting Temptation, because it had to be as perfect as the previous one, right?:)

Well, it wasn’t.. It was like a copy paste of Beautiful Insightful, but longer and with an annoying hero.. So, let me tell you something about the story.. Julia has been in love with Jaxson all her life, since the night he rescued her from a terrible situation. They became best friends but were secretly in love with each other, afraid that if they confess their feeling, their friendship will not be the same again. One day, Jaxson tells Julia he has been accepted to join the SEAL forces and off he goes, because he wanted to make a better life for himself outside the town they live in. While Julia was sweet and very well seen by others, Jaxson was considered trouble, a bad boy that breaks everything he touches, mainly because of his resemblance to his father that had quite a reputation. Because of this, Jaxson always maintained his distance, considering Julia much better than he was and wanting someone better for her than a guy that can’t be saved.

From this point on, a push and pull relationship begun, and Julia ended up confessing her feelings to Jaxson, only to have them refrained again because of his inability of being sincere with her and revealing how he feels. You can imagine my frustration during the story, because a part of me understood Jax’s reasons, but another part just couldn’t put the pieces together and figure out what was wrong with him. After he left to become a SEAL, everything went south, the relationship became more complicated, certain tragedies happen that led to a lot to deal with from both sides. It was a whirlwind of actions, dramas that from time to time I considered them too long and unnecessary.

Julia was a fine heroine for me, although there were time when I considered her very imature and too sensitive, but maybe I was just bored by the action of the book and interpreted it badly. Jaxson pissed me off regularly, with this ” friends-lovers I don’t deserve you thing”. As I said before, I knew that he was partially right, but the whole drama got extended too much for my liking and made me extremely annoyed on his behaviour and actions. He was too posesive, too angry and took BAD decisions, while thinking he was doing the right thing. Why guess what Jaxson, you weren’t:) you just wasted 6 years could have been marvelous but ended up being full of tears and longing.

As I said, maybe my mood was off or maybe I just didn’t have the necessary patience to understand the book, mostly because it was a loooong version of Beautiful Insightful. I expected something more original, with different characters and plot. The copy paste of the plot kind of killed my vibe, but I will give the series a second chance and begin the second instalment, with Grace and Sawyer as heroes. Wish me luck:)

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