Down Shift by K.Bromberg

My rating: 5/5 Stars

If I had the opportunity, I would of given this book more than 5 stars, but I have to respect this rating only in the post, because in my heart, the rating is stellar. This is not my first book from Bromberg, but nothing prepared me for the twister of emotions that I was entering. It blew me away with its intensity and I just can’t stop thinking about it.

The story follows Zander and Getty, a couple that suffered in the past. If you read the first 3 books from the Driven series, you know who Zander is. If not, let me tell you some things about him. At a very young age he witnessed his dad killing his mom and stood by her side until her last breath. Traumatized by everything that happened, he entered in shock and couldn’t speak for a long time. When he entered The House runner by Rylee, that was the first time he felt protected and at home. Together with her and other kids just like him, they became one, inseparable. Later on, when Colton Donovan entered the picture, Zander clicked with him instantly and found a new father figure, this time in a worthy man, who wanted the world for him. Years later, Zander was adopted by Colton and Rylee, the 3 of them becoming a family. He followed his dad’s footsteps in racing, becoming the Golden Boy everyone adored and love to watch.

Only that at the beginning of the book, we find Zander lost, disturbed and out of control, because he found something from his past that brought the nightmare back to him. He kind of mess everything up with his mom and dad and left for an undetermined period to find the peace he needs to pull himself back together.

Getty is running from her past as well. Born in a rich family where appearances are everything, she was controlled by her dad in being the perfect woman, marrying someone that ended up being only business to him and finding out her whole life was a charade. By accident, or by faith, she ends up sharing a house with Zander and as stubborn as they both are, don’t agree in giving up their space in order to let the other one have it. So, they are stuck together for a long time. As first, they hate each other, Getty being kind of rude and Zander cocky, but after a while they became friends and other things happen:)

Zander was a total surprise for me. I totally fell for this guy, even when I knew that he did mistakes or screwed up monumentally, he won my over like a fool. He met Getty in a crucial moment in his life, when he needed help, answers and guidance to find his way. But the thing I enjoyed the most was the way he healed himself while helping Getty sorting out her past and present. He was such a patient and great guy, making her understand the true value she represents and in the mean time, figuring out something for himself. Her experiences were examples for him and this mutual healing had such a powerful message that left me with a broken heart. He might have a temper, or couldn’t cope with this new feeling inside his chest, but he was determined and fought for what he believes in, give Getty the courage to love her this new person that she was and never look back

Imagini pentru hot girl in T shirt and socksGetty was amazing as a heroine, very guarded and scared, but a while after meeting Zander and falling in love with him, all those walls came down with a bang. From scared to standing up for herself, she was guided by Zander and discovered a new meaning for freedom. I liked the way they interacted, broke barriers and healed each other. They managed to left the past behind, learn from their mistakes and become better with each action.

The thing that marked me was the intensity of the emotions and how it just seem to overlook the plot. Yes, I enjoyed what happened with the characters and what they went through, but I was more focused on the feelings, the FEEL and the way Zander and Getty communicated without using words. That type of connection is very hard to find, and I felt it strongly. All my admiration for this talented author for making me have this type of experience 🙂


  1. Excellent review Ramona! I really have to read this one aftet reading your review and hearing you and Danielle raving about Zander Lol

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