Mister Romance by Leisa Rayven

My rating: 3/5 stars

I loved Leisa Rayven’s Bad Romeo and Broken Juliet and I really thought that this series was going to be as awesome as the previous ones..

Well, disappointments can happened and unfortunately this was one of them.. I wanted something completely else and just kept on reading hoping that certain things and connections will be made, but they didn’t appear so I ended up giving this book 3 stars.

So sum up in a few words the book’s plot, we have Eden, a bored journalist who feels that her full potential can’t be reached by writing the articles she writes. She is looking for something BIG, something to make her visible and to explore the things that she learnt while becoming a journalist. She finds about MISTER ROMANCE and his story. A very handsome and charming man, who supposedly offers every women what they want, makes all their fantasies come to life. Once hearing this, she is determined to learn his story and to uncover his business, by exposing everything and turning it into a breakthrough article. So, the chase begins.. She has to find Mister Romance, make him answer her questions and in the mean time get to the bottom of this. Max is the person she is looking for and after some very confusing events, they meet and a certain connection happens between them. Max is determined to show Eden that she can fall in love with him and despite everything she believes, he is helping women become better, to love themselves more and to cherish what they have. Eden is a very stubborn person and Max will have a very hard job in doing so.

As I was saying, I didn’t enjoy the characters. Well, to put is mildly, I didn’t enjoy Max and loather Eden. Eden was very hard to digest for me. She was judgemental, cold, overreacted at a bunch of stuff and had daddy issues. All this things were against Max, and she used all her weapons at full potential. She refused to listen to her heart, made so many bad assumptions and I wanted to strangle her kind in every chapter. Luckily for her, Max was more OK, but not in the opposite direction, because I couldn’t understand him either. Running this Mister Romance thing made him take up certain personalities, roles that at a certain point made me lost MAX as a person and I just couldn’t identify him as a hero or portrait something that was him 100%. Yes, he made some mistakes in the past and wanted to redeem himself with this Mister Romance business that helped women feel cherished, loved and better about their emotions. I appreciated the change he made in his life, but I was not feeling him. Not to mention that I don’t know where all the patience came from when dealing with Eden.. If you ask me, I wouldn’t wanted Eden to end up with him, that annoying was she. I just couldn’t put my finger on a certain page and just say that there they fell in love. Everything was like in a daze, hot cold, every time in between…

So, letting aside my frustration, Mister Romance was not my dreamy read.. It lacked that vibe and anticipation, got boring on some chapters and the characters were….special:) The thing I enjoyed was the message that this book passed on and with Max managed to inspire me as well, to feel better in my own skin, to love myself as a whole and to never put myself second in place for anyone.



  1. Excellent review Ramona but too bad it was not to your liking. I can understand based on your arguments. She really did not seem my kind of heroine either 😐

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