Tycoon by Katy Evans

My ratings: 3/5 Stars 

I promise to keep this short:) I love Katy Evans and almost all of her books were a hit for me.. I laugh, I cry and I have this huge crush on her heroes, because they are sooo amazing and powerful that I can’t help falling for them.

After a series of 5 stars books, I’ve encountered Ladie’s Man and didn’t connect with it at all.. Well damn.. But now, I believe Tycoon is being added to the list:( I was very excited to read it, because duuuuh, its Katy we are talking about, but it seems like not always your expectations are being reached and fulfilled.

Tycoon is a second chance love story between Bryn and Aaric. They had a huge crush on each other during high-school, but nothing happened between them, only friendship that expanded into something else during the way. Aaric was poor and Bryn rich, so their circles were kind of different and incompatible. He left town and for 14 years they hadn’t seen each other until the day that Bryn requests a meeting with a wealthy business man Aaric Christos to finance her business idea. Yes, he is extremely rich now, a huge name in the business area and very respected by his rivals. Everybody wants a piece of him, including our girl Bryn here.

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Bryn is very persistent and will do everything to get this chance from him. The moment they met, everything changes because things from the past spark again, making them remember what they ment to each other. They will try to keep their relationship strictly business, but will they succeed?

So, why I didn’t like the books as much as I wished? First, the plot was not complex and impressive. It was kind of boring the first chapters and by 40% believe me that I couldn’t summarize in more than 5 lines what happened. I received some action by the end of the book, but it smelled like soap opera and kind of predictable..

Secondly, the characters I believe were not fully developed and I just couldn’t understand them enough.. Aaric was driven by his dream to succeed, to be respected and make a future for himself and for the love of his love ( semi-spoiler:D). Bryn was also driven by her dream of having a second change, to build something with her own hands and to achieve success as she wished. Their love story was sweet, kind of primal, had a lot of steamy moments, but I didn’t interpret them deep enough to touch my sensitive chord. Until the end, it was like I was seeing more sex than loving, deeply feelings between 2 persons that found each other again. I only scratched the surface and I believe I could of read more about the character along the way, but the focus was on kind of boring details and not the important ones.

To conclude, a nice read, but nothing remotely special or different.. Sorry Katy:(

PS: That wasn’t so short, wasn’t it?:))

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