Easy Nights by Kristen Proby

My rating: 4/5 Stars 

Since reading the first book of this series, I was totally hooked and every new released story was a piece of a puzzle finally being put together and creating such a beautiful picture.

I wanted Savannah and Ben’s story for such a long time that now having it brought me closure and a piece of mind, because it sealed the series perfectly, exactly like I expected it. This couple was kept on pending for such a long time and we readers were given only bits and pieces of the whole story. I have to admit, every time that I heard Kristen is releasing a new book from the series I hoped it will be Ben and Sav, but she was not giving us the story just yet. After reading it, I think she did a great job, because it finished the Boudreaux series in style and with the right final story, the one we were expecting the most.

If you read the previous books, you know Savannah’s story, the traumatizing marriage she went through and everything she experience. She is a very strong heroine, determined and ambitious and with the help of her family and friends, overcame deep sufferance. She also had Ben to protect her and watch her from afar, always being there, always wanting the right moment to tell her everything, but that moment was postponed for so much time, it hurt…

Imagini pentru hugs gif

The story isn’t something brought to you in only this book, you have to read them all, get to know them better, seeing them interact and feel this slow burn. The slow burn is not in Easy Nights, in this book you have the outcome, the explosion of years of just being friends, but now those feelings can’t be hidden any more.

I loved Ben, he was the perfect hero, sweet, patient, gentle and with a lot of love for Savannah. He was too perfect to say the least and his link to our heroine was unbreakable. The way he treated her, not considering her fragile, but strong and admirable, was such a booster for me, because I love it when a man gives a woman confidence and makes her feel independent and strong. His attitude towards her was so sweet and it melted my heart. As I said, too perfect:) Savannah was also a great heroine, healing her wounds and let Ben fill all the gaps in her life. She trusted him with everything she is and their relationship had such a solid base, that it went straight to GOALS:)

Why only 4 stars? Firstly, because I waited too much for this couple to love each other freely, and secondly because it wasn’t really a plot to read. The book only followed the couple from friends to lover and marking the trust issues Savannah had, but as a plot, with twist and something consistent, didn’t exactly hit the spot. But, considering my excitement and the fact that it ended in such a sweet way, I will not focus so much on the action, but on the feelings and the way it connected with the reader.

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