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81fFhUD8sqL._UX250_This interview was held with one of my favorite Dark Romance authors, Pam Godwin. She was so kind in taking her time to answer my questions and I know her answers will leave you more than satisfied. Since reading Dark Notes I became obsessed with her style, so raw and realistic, that I couldn’t stay away from her books. Her characters are amazingly drafter and you will discover how imperfect they are and how easily you can connect with them and their story. I hope you’ll like reading what she had to say:)


Ramona: To start with, please share something with the readers about yourself 🙂

Pam: I’m married to my high school sweetheart (we’ve been together for 26 years). I’m a mother of two teenagers, two retired greyhounds, and an African grey parrot. I’m life-long vegetarian, an insomniac, and I’m terrified of dolls.

Ramona: How did writing change your life?

Pam: Before I was a writer, I was a quantitative investment analyst. I had a long commute to work and had to dress up every day. The biggest changes that came with writing full-time are working from home, wearing whatever I want, and setting my own hours. It’s heaven.

Ramona: What do you enjoy doing besides writing/reading?

Pam: Snuggling with my greyhounds and working in my garden and on home-improvement projects.

Ramona: Would you be happy knowing your kids will share your passion for writing?

Pam: Absolutely. My teen-aged daughter is already involved in business aspect of my writing career, and she enjoys reading and writing as much as I do.

Ramona: What makes your writing style YOURS?

Pam: I tend to use a somewhat lyrical style of prose, heavily inspired by music. 

20931902Ramona: Which genre makes you more comfortable? Romance or Dark Romance? Why?

Pam: I prefer to write Dark Romance. I’m fascinated by the anti-hero and enjoy the challenge of redeeming undesirable character traits.

Ramona: Do you believe Dark Romance is more realistic than HEA Romance?

Pam: Yes. Dark Romance usually has flawed characters, and all humans are flawed in one way or another. It also shines a light on the rawer, coarser elements of humanity.

dark-notes-pam-godwin-ebookRamona: What inspired you to write Dark Notes?

Pam: The heroine in Dark Notes is based on a girl I went to school with. I was inspired by my friend’s tragic story and decided to write it.

Ramona: How did Deliver come to be?

Pam: The Deliver series is compiled from many real-life news stories I’ve watched and read over the years. Human sex trafficking is more rampant than you think, and it happens everywhere–even in your own backyard. Deliver was set in a suburban neighborhood, where sex trafficking occurs right under the noses of unsuspecting neighbors. It’s terrifying.

Ramona: If you could pick your most complex character, which one would it be?

Pam: Evie from the Trilogy of Eve series. She’s a survivor in an apocalypse and faces horrible traumas, sadness, and impossible decisions. And through it all, she manages to overcome and find happiness.

Ramona: How difficult is to write a great sex scene?

Pam: Sex scenes are easy to write. The challenge is in the build-up. I spend a lot of time creating chemistry and sexual tension, so when the sex finally happens, it’s explosive and unforgettable.

Ramona: What is your dream collaboration?

Pam: I would LOVE to write a paranormal romance with Kresley Cole or Nalini Singh.

Ramona: Can you spoil something about you future projects?

Pam: I’m outlining a stand-alone dark romance for 2018. It might be my darkest book yet. I also plan to write a Dark Romance Pirate book (hopefully in 2018).

Ramona: Please send a message to your readers.

Pam: Thank you for reading my books, for recommending them to your friends, and for every review you post. Your endless support makes the long hours and stress of publishing totally worth it. You’re awesome!


You can find more about Pam by accessing the links below:

Official site: https://pamgodwin.com/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6474204.Pam_Godwin



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