The Catch by K.Bromberg

My rating: 3.5/5 stars

“The Catch” is the second book in the “Easton and Scout Saga”, as I called it. I read “The Player” and unfortunately I wasn’t very enraptured by the story, maybe because I was not in the mood back then, or just because nothing felt new to me. Maybe after reading so many romantic stories nothing surprises you anymore and you just want something out of the ordinary to click for you.

This book didn’t…:( “The Player” ended in a totally dazzling cliffhanger and everybody was super socked to see Scout literally betray Easton this way. But no, not everything is what it seems and of course our heroine will explain everything throughout the plot, changing our perspective of the situation and making us understand so many things.

If “The Player” was all about Scout, about her way of letting Easton in and coping with her feelings for him, “The Catch” is 100% Easton in my opinion. Practically the roles are reversed. If in the first book Easton fought for Scout, now is the other way around. I enjoyed seeing another side of the characters which was not explored and I think K. did a perfect job in going full circle with them, in getting all the angles right.


Easton’s life changed 180º after his accident and beginning with it, a lot happened with him: he met Scout and fell in love, but also experienced a lot of drama in his career. Now, he will have a lot to deal with. A big secret will be revealed, a true struggle for him and he will have to make a choice: to continue living this way or change something and move along. Of course Scout will be there for him, supporting every step of the way, guiding him, being his light. She will have her own demons to slay as well. Between her father, Easton and her job, she will have to figure out where her loyalty lies and take decisions with her heart, being another person from the first book.

I loved the way the characters evolved and nurtured something so valuable as their love for each other. It was good seeing them as a couple, with ups and downs and constantly hanging to one another for help and shelter. They used their love as a healing mechanism and I believe they had a lot to learn from one another.

Although the love story was good and enjoyable, the plot was not again something that made me be 100% aware and alert, being kind of boring and not going anywhere sometimes. I think that a combination of “The Player” and ” The Catch” would have been a terrific idea, I was not very convinced that 2 books was a good idea for the story line. Maybe something more packed and combined would have worked better.


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