We Love… K.Bromberg


Hello guys, for this interview I have the ultimate pleasure of sharing with you the questions which K.Bromberg answered. You all know her massively successful Driven Series and I know you are going to love every second of this interview. She was so sweet in taking her time to chat with me and I am thankful for it. I love her stories and her characters, but most of all the angst and intensity she puts in every written word. Enjoy 🙂

Ramona: Please tell us something about you, so that the readers could get to know you better 🙂

K: I am a mom of 3 kids (ages 11, 8, and 7). I am addicted to Diet Coke and good Romance novels.

Ramona: Where do you enjoy writing the most in order to have that inspiration all the authors crave for?

K: I typically write at my desk … my den doesn’t have a door on it so when the kids are home, I have to block them out mentally so I can be successful.

Ramona: Tell us something about your passion for sports. Is it difficult to include technical details in your stories?

K: I was a tomboy growing up and I’ve always liked and played sports…so I know the lingo and the technicality of each sport. And what I don’t know, there’s Google.

Ramona: Who’s’ work do you admire and maybe one day want to collaborate with?

K: That’s a difficult question to answer . I think it would be a blast writing with someone but at the same time hard since I’m used to being in control of my own characters.

confidence1Ramona: How do you keep your stories real by managing to provide such beautiful stories and blend them with emotion and realistic features?

K: I think adding a touch of real to my stories is why readers connect to them so deeply. Life is messy but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some romance thrown in there too.

Ramona: Are you involved in various aspects of the publishing + promoting process, like covers, FB posts, book signings? Do you want to keep track of everything by being 100% present in everything there is to it?

K: I’m 100% involved in everything I do. I do it all myself with the occasional help posting on social media . . . so yes, I keep track and am in charge of everything I do.

Ramona: Who is in your opinion the best hero you have ever written and why?

K: I’d say Colton because he was the man who taught me how to write the male perspective . . . but I think I love each hero I’ve written for different reasons. Right now I’m crushing on Easton Wylder from The Player and The Catch because there’s nothing hotter than an alpha with a touch of vulnerability.

Ramona: What is your favorite couple from your books?

K: That’s like picking a favorite child. I can’t.


Ramona: Which character was the easiest and most difficult to write?

K: I think Colton is the answer for both. To keep him in character and not sound like a female challenged me and yet he was just there in my head.

Ramona: This question is about Zander, my favorite hero from your books. Was it a challenge to write Zander after creating such a powerful and complex character like his dad, Colton?

K: Yes. I knew some readers would have a hard time seeing Zander all grown up and adjusting to the time frame but I truly love Down Shift and the characters of Getty and Zander. Their story is so much deeper than a romance . . . I think the hard part about Zander was not making him sound like Colton. He needed to be his own person but with that subtle influence that a father gives you.

Ramona: Would you ever try writing another genre besides Romance?

K: Yes. I might me doing that soon.

Ramona: What is your relationship with your readers? Please share a message for them 🙂

K: My readers are everything. Without them, I would not be able to do this for a job. They are so passionate and protective of me and my characters and it’s an incredible feeling.

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