Royally Endowed by Emma Chase

My rating: 5/5 stars 

This rating didn’t take me by surprise. I was absolutely convinced I would love Ellie and Logan and of course, I was right 😀

I think Emma really found herself at her best with this series, and constantly delivering better stories and characters. From serious, to funny, to dark and secrets, she manages to cover a lot of elements with her stories, making them unique and so well written.

“Royally Endowed” is the third book from the series and in my opinion it had a totally different vibe than the other two. I loved Nicholas and enjoyed  Henry, but Logan was something else, he had that bad boy thing going on which of course hit the right spot on 99.9% of the female readers.

Let me tell you something about the plot, which is very simple to discuss about. Our heroine is Ellie, Olivia’s baby sister and Nicholas sister in law. I loved Ellie from book 1 because she was so sweet and had that fragility I always craved at a young girl. She was funny and always a ray of sunshine. I was hoping Emma will write her story one day and voila, there it is 🙂 She was been in love with Logan like forever, but he was forbidden, being her bodyguard and serving the Royal Crown. Besides that, her age was a problem as well, because she was waaaay younger for him to start something.


That didn’t stop Logan from noticing her, from being close to Ellie every chance he got and in secret, he also crushed hard on her. Because of his duty and effort to get in this point of his life, Logan didn’t express his feeling to Ellie, being afraid of losing his job and everything he fought for. You see, Logan is not Nicholas or Henry.. He was raised in a disorganized family and struggled to get out of there and make a living by himself. He was not ready to give that up.. Only that plans chance and Logan will have some important decisions to make: Love or duty?

I loved “Royally Endowed” because it was something different than the other two books. I liked Ellie and Logan together and separately. Ellie for her innocence and personality and Logan for his devotion and non-royalty attitude. I know that non-royal was Henry as well, but in a different way.. he was more out of control and very hard to manage, but Logan was fierce and bad and just yummy to read about.

And as a bonus, I was glad the story included all the couples, because I loved seeing them together and being a family in the true sense of the word. They complete each other and reading about them made me love them even more. They fight, they argue, they give pieces of advice, but they always come back to each other.

I am so glad I found this series because it is always like a breath of fresh air, with complexity in characters and plot and always a blast in spending your time. I devoured this one in 2 days and I was very sad it was over. Maybe we will get a forth book? Maybe Thomas??


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