A Lot Like Love by Julie James

My ratings: 3.5/5 stars 

This is my first Julie James book and I have to admit, I have a soft spot for police/FBI/military romance, because all the heroes are soooo bad ass and you just can’t stop falling for them.

“A Lot Like Love” is a very cute, light story between Nick McCall, an FBI agent and Jordan Rhodes, a very smart, gorgeous woman from the wine industry. The blurb was very interesting and I began immediately with this love story, believing it will be action packed, because, duuuh, FBI and stuf..It was not as predicted, but I liked it.. It was funny and had a lot of steamy moments, with a great chemistry between the characters.

Imagini pentru handcuffs love gif

To make a summary, Nick is an FBI agent, specialized in undercover operations. When he is offered the chance to take down a money launderer, he takes it without blinking. All his life he was the best in the field, always delivering excelent results and making his superiors proud. Only that there is one bad side to this >> no personal life. He doesn’t do relationships because of the complexity of his work, being constantly on the field and having no time for love. Nick needs help from Jordan to infiltrate him in the world of the notorious money launderer and in exchange, he will help her brother which is imprisoned get a milder sentence. Jordan was amazing as a heroine, I loved her sassy ways and her confidence. She has an excelent wine business and her passion for his industry made her well known at the top of the chain. She is also the heiress of an empire, but this didn’t stop her for gaining everything on her own. When Nick makes her that proposal, she agrees to help in order to save her brother. Their mission will be to attend a wine party organized by their target and manage to give Nick time to bug the place to gain info. Of course complications will arise and the two of them will have a lot of time to spend together, that will gradually became something bigger and more powerful.

They were very funny together, with a lot of good dialogues, that manage to catch the essence of this couple. They are very much alike, stubborn and passionate about their jobs, but also kind of proud and would never give in first in an argument. Why only 3.5 stars? I wanted something else… Beginning with the characters and ending with the plot. Their relationship should have been more explored and I wanted to see them in various circumstances.. It felt kind of short and shallow in some parts of the book. And as for the plot, it was very researched and well written, but predictable. I liked Julie’s research in wine that were passed on to Jordan, but the action parts were slow and didn’t go far beyond average…

So, an easy and cozy read, which takes like 2 days to read. If you want something cute and uncomplicated, this is surely for you:)

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