Deity by Jennifer L. Armentrout


My rating: 5/5 Stars

This  is my favorite book so far, I just loved it top to bottom and I’ve read it with amazing speed, because its THAT addictive. I loved every second of it and consider it the best in action and twist of events. 

“Deity” begins in a low pace, but after that, the action builds up and makes you gasp every step of the way. Alex is months away from Awakening and this means she has to be ready for the danger that may come. Her connection with Seth is stronger than ever and her confusion is getting the best of her. She began to care about him but in the same time she doesn’t trust him, not knowing exactly what his true intentions are. She finds out certain things about him, but as you know Alex, she believes Seth can be saved. To put it worst, somebody is trying to kill her and she will have to be heavily guarded in order to stay safe. All the book is centered on the days until her Awakening and how will she act and feel upon it. 

Alex is a different character now, letting aside her temper and personality that were untouched, but she is more focused, more mature and more willing to take chances for the things she loves. I have to admit, I like her a lot, considering her very atypical and extremely funny. She knows how to be vulnerable, but also very feisty and straightforward. She is very afraid of becoming an Apollyon and will do anything necessary to use her powers in a good manner.

Aiden!! Aiden!! Aiden!!! Wow, he definitely has a place in my Book Boyfriends Top.. I loved him in this book and I wanted to tell him “IT WAS ABOUT TIME” !!! Aiden personality and intentions shifted dramatically in “Deity” after a certain chain of events. You will see for yourself and consider this happenings positive for our couple. His tender and nurture side will be mostly present, his wall completely down and willing to love Alex against all rules. He will fight for her and prove to us what we already knew from the beginning, that he’s a terrific hero. 

With Seth I’m in the “No comment” area because there is not much to say about..I don’t like him and I hope Alex will show him the right path. I have faith that she will succeed, because the situation in which they are right now really sucks:)

The book was amazing and I liked the construction of it tremendously. It had every ingredient necessary to keep you alert 100%. The characters evolved in a normal pace, some predictable, some not, but they were a whole and everyone had with purpose. The romantic scenes were incredibly written, Jennifer giving the right amount of love and steaminess for them not to be very descriptive, but for you to understand exactly the message and connect with it immediately. It was the perfect mixture and this one had more OMG moments and scenes where you were left dizzy and wanting for more. Here you will find all the answers you’ll be waiting for and your suspicions will maybe become reality. 

Next is “Apollyon”.. Only 2 more books to go:( 

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