Pure by Jennifer L.Armentrout

1330_pure_previewMy rating: 4/5 stars 

What an amazing series the Covenant isJ I am really excited about every book which I read and it became sort of an addiction, because I literally can’t stop reading it. Jennifer is amazing and this ability of hers to mix romance with action and a dynamic plot is killing me!!

“Pure” is the second book from the Covenant series and although it was not as good as the first one, it had its moments of greatness that were fantastic and breath-taking, not to mention that I love Alex and Aiden as a couple 🙂

Alex is dealing with her “second Apollyon” status and this implies having Seth all around her kind like 24/7. Not to mention that his flirty ways are beginning to have an effect on her and because of this, Alex is very uncertain about her feelings. One moment she wants to punch him and the next she is very attracted to him. The bond that they share is scary and uncontrollable and she is months from Awakening, things that scares her off her mind. In her personal life things are not getting better, Aiden is still fighting his feelings for her and this is killing her because she knows something is there, she can feel it, but the rule that Pures and Halfs are not allowed to love each other is keeping them apart. Tragic things will happen, that will change Alex irrevocably and many will see her as a threat, something that has to be terminated before it is too late.

The plot was not sooo dynamic as the first book, there were certain moments when I felt very enraptured in the plot and couldn’t breathe, but those were kind of scattered ( I can name max. 3 great moments). This book was more for exploring and figuring things out, not very alert, but deep.

Alex is a whirlwind, a twister in feelings and actions, she made me laugh, made me so mad at her, but at the end of the day, she had the right to make mistakes, because as you know, nobody is perfect. In “Pure” she will face a lot and will lose people she loves, but this ability to go forward, to rise, was amazing. She is very strong and I enjoyed seeing her in her tops and lows moments. There is definitely an evolution there, it is palpable and anyone can see it. She is afraid of what she will become, but in her way, she’s finding the way to cope with it. Her forbidden love for Aiden and her attraction and uncertainties towards Seth make her human, but also confuses the Hell out of you. She is really unpredictable, like a storm changing its course constantly, but I like her, I liked that spark and consider her not a typical heroine.

Even if I read “Titans” first, I wasn’t feeling the connection with Seth and I believed that once reading “Covenant” my opinion will change, but guess what? It didn’t 🙂 I am Team Aiden all the way, even if Seth is greater, more powerful yada yada. I don’t trust him, not feeling anything he says and I just want him far from Alex.

Now Aiden here is another story, I liked him like instantly, but in this book I really feel like punching him. Why follow the rules Aiden when you love Alex??? I wanted him to take some courage from Alex and just finish already what we know is unavoidable. In “Pure” he is more distant from Alex, more keen on doing the right thing, even if this means confusing her with mix signals and making he choose Seth attention as plan B. By the end of the book Aiden will do something that shocks all of us, but made me love him more, seeing that his wall can be cracked, because at the end of the day, love is always first. I have a feeling that in the third book, his attitude will be totally different towards Alex and finally we will see him take some action and man up, even if he knows it is against the rules.

So, a good book, it could have been better, but I love the series and I will consider it as a whole. Take this as a transition book, that will lead to amazing things in Deity, the third one. A very addictive series, which I highly recommend it to all of you:)

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