Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout

22908923My rating: 5/5 stars 

My thirst for other than sweet romance stories is unstoppable now and I found just the right books to quench it:) “Half-Blood” is the first book from “The Covenant” series and I loved it!!!!! I like Jennifer very much, discovering her in the “Wait for Me” series, then “Lux”, “Titans” and now this one. If you want the same ingredients as the previous ones, love, action, drama, feisty heroines and adorable heroes, this is your chance to experience it:)

The plot of the book begins with Alexandria Andros and her mon running away from the Covenant, an institute in which they lived all of their lives. Alex is a half-blood, born from the union of a God and her mortal mother. They have been running away from 3 years, but now, Alex’s mom was killed by their mortal enemies, the daemon, and has to return to the Covenant. Full of grief, she must find a way to be accepted again and to fulfil her dream of becoming a Sentinel. But after the little escape she pulled with her mom, she is threaten by a life of servitude instead of one that she desires. Given a second chance, Alex has to be trained within 3 months to demonstrate she is able to keep up with others in combat, to fight against the daemons. She will be helped by pure-blood Aiden St.Delphi and will get in a lot of trouble in the meantime.  When laws are broken and feelings arise, Alex must find a way to do the right thing and to stop people from getting killed.

Alex didn’t impressed me big time, I liked her as a heroine and considering her age and happenings, she turned out ok for me. Her temper and unpredictability here kind of annoying and there were times when I wanted to shake her up and get some sense into her. I liked that she was determined but yet vulnerable, funny with her sarcastic jokes and very much alive as Aiden had the courtesy of saying. Losing her mom left a huge whole that needed filling and this aggressiveness of hers will come from wanting to defend her memory.


If Alex didn’t impress, Aiden did. He is one of the most well trained Sentinels from the Covenant and volunteered to train Alex in short time for her to be ready for the final test. He knows her temper and how easy can be not to succed in this mission, but he saw something in her that was worth it. Aiden lost his parents to daemons as a young boy and had to take care of his baby brother, Deacon. He didn’t have a normal childhood, he only trained and fought alongside his comrades. The connection he felt with Alex was almost instant and he will fight hard to not obey it, to stay away from her and not fall in love. Doing that will be extremely difficult, but Aiden is putting duty and Alex needs first, letting his feelings aside. Even if we will witness some steamy moments between the two of them, it will only be the beginning of something forever lasting, but something that won’t come very quickly.

I made a terrible mistake reading “The Titans” before “The Covenant” but likely, I did it a year ago and some aspects were forgotten, not to mention that Jennifer didn’t spoil very much from “The Covenant” leaving you to enjoy the series even if you were wrong on the order.  It is action packed, dynamical and very well written. The humour is there, the mystery and OMG moments are present and the romance is to die for. And oh, not to mention, Seth has nothing on Aiden. I mean, Seth didn’t impressed me much in Titans, but reading now about Aiden and seeing how much I loved him even by the half of the book, I know now who I was waiting for.

Looking forward to book 2, I am going to read the series without breaks or other books between just to get a smooth visual of the plot.

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