Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

My rating: 5/5 stars 


What an adventure this has been!!! I am officially “catastrophically” in love this series and can’t believe it’s over.. I am very sad, but very happy that my characters found the closure they needed (in some way or another). “Clockwork Princess” is the final and the most awaited installment from this series, because as we are accustomed, all our questions are answered here. Ever secret is revealed and nothing is left with a question mark. I was aware that my nerves will be hardly tested, but this book was worth every page and every night that I stood up late reading it. It definitely marks my top 5 series because of its complexity and wonderful characters.

A lot of things happened in “Clockwork Prince” and our Shadowhunters know that danger is very close, they could feel it. The Magister didn’t make an appearance yet, but he won’t give up until destroying everything with his Infernal Devices and using Tessa to fulfill his wish. After so many heartbreaking moments, betrayals and fights, our characters are willing to be happy, even for a couple of days, due to Jem and Tessa’s wedding. Even if Jem is dying and getting weaker every day, Tessa wants to marry him, to be together until time says otherwise. When things didn’t go the way they were planned to, laws must be broken and promises kept, in order to save the people that matter. This is as far as I can go without spoilers, but believe me, this plot will kill your nerves in the process.


The dynamics between Will, Jem and Tessa reached its peak, and even if Tessa is divided between the 2 boys, she made up her mind and decided to make Jem happy, even if she is still torn and miserable for breaking Will’s heart. In this book you understand exactly her feeling, the way she managed to love both boys and how conflicted she was, because at the end of the day, she didn’t want to make that choice. Tessa had an extraordinary evolution, and despite not being 100% Nephilim, she was amazing, brave and human, with mistakes and confusion all around.


Will and Jem broke my heart in this book, because their parabatai bond was the strongest and there were a lot of moments where I cried because it was very intense and sad to see them in that position. They both love Tessa and that love won’t come without sacrifices, from both sides. Will is now a different character, he allows himself to be vulnerable, to mourn the lost of people he loved and to be afraid. He continues being selfless and brave, but things will change for him, because his goal will be different now. Just wait and see:)

The secondary characters will not disappoint, because they accompany so well our characters, stood up to them, loved them and kept them safe. My weak spot continues being Sophie and Gideon and to my surprise, I grew quite fond of Gabriel as well.

“Clockwork Princess” was surely a fantastic conclusion to this series, because it had all the ingredients necessary to finish in style something that began the same way. Action, suspense, romance, tears, everything was so balanced and well blended, keeping each characters with his trademarks and making us love them dearly, even if there were moments when we didn’t agree with their actions. The style and the language used were fantastic for me, because I am a dying fan of the 1800’s and I just fitted perfectly in that period.

I loved loved loved, a million times loved this series !!!!!!!!!

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