Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

My rating: 5/5 stars 

51xyYaYHz8L._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_After the fascinating adventure that I have experienced in “Clockwork Angel”, I was absolutely convinced that the second book will keep me 100% alert and addicted to the story.

“Clockwork Prince” is the second installment in the “Infernal Devices” story and from my point of view, the story line is getting better and better, evolving in a noticeable way. The story kicks off after Tessa’s confrontation with the Magister and the terrible consequences it had upon the London Institute. Friend died, loyalties were betrayed and our Shadowhunter friends were left with an impossible mission given by the Clave, to find the Magister in 2 week, or Charlotte and Henry will lose the Institute. This is the trigger of the story, and with this, A LOT HAPPENS. I will not spoil a lot, but believe me, you are in for a ride.

Tessa had been through a lot and after what happened with Nate, she is alone, without any family. At least that is what she thinks, but in short while, The London Institute and the Shadowhunters had become her family and new focus. She is torn by her love for both Will and Jem, having to make some choices which, inevitably, will break her heart. Her attraction to Will is remarkable, having that pull and spark that can’t be ignored easily. He hurt her so many times, but things are beginning to change and Tessa is more confused than ever, because Will is not the person she once knew. Jem doesn’t make the situation much lighter, because he is exactly the type of guy she wants and deserves, sweet, kind, with a heart of gold and a delicacy that melts your heart. Putting aside that Jem is very ill and soon to die, doesn’t make the choice much easier for her..

There were times when I understood Tessa and times when I didn’t. This whole love triangle for me was very consuming and in a big way believe that karma and bad timing were essential to its development. I felt her confusion and hurt, but I think that she rushed in some decisions that were meant to take time and more focusing upon. She was torn between Will and her duty towards Jem, but even now, I am not sure were her heart truly is. From my POV, you can’t love 2 people at the same time. She is becoming a very brave warrior, determined to know everything it is to know about her origins, developing into something more than than the girl who arrived in London to be with her brother.

I am Team Will beginning with this book, because I finally had my answers for his behavior, and believe me, I was terribly hurt and sad upon reading his story. It all makes sense now, and seeing him like a broken hero made me connect with him more. I loved his ironic and funny style, his temper, this bravery, his moments of confusion and lost, but also the ones of gentleness and affection. I loved his connection with Jem and how he always puts him first, considering him “his better part”, even if he is conflicted by his feelings for Tessa.

The pace of the book was alert and never dull, with a lot of interesting details and twist. As you know, Cassandra loves to play with her readers mind and heart, always delivering a surprise and breaking your heart in the process. This book was “safe” to say the least, because although it made me weep with a lot of dramatic and teary scenes, didn’t destroy me completely by killing major characters off.  Besides the main characters, I loved the secondary one and the tiny details made to compare it to The Mortal Instruments. I loved Charlotte and Henry ( the reference that Lottie is using a whip in battle >>Izzie), Gabriel and Gideon Lightwood ( Gabriel’s bow >> Alec , and Gideon’s affections for Sophie) and reading about Magnus and seeing him so active in the books.

I won’t repeat myself in saying this series is awesome and I can’t wait to read the final chapter, because I really hope Tessa, the boys and every other character will get the closure they deserve.

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