Voyager by Diana Gabaldon

My rating: 5/5 stars 

“Outlander” doesn’t need an introduction anymore, almost every breathing creature knows about this book series, loves the show and wants to visit Scotland due to Diana and her stories.

As a reminder, “Dragonfly in Amber” left our heroes apart and now “Voyager” provides us all the answers we need. How did Jamie and Claire manage without each other? How was their lives after that? Did they manage to move on?  Will they ever meet again?

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Before Culloden, Jamie forced Claire to go back through the stones, caring their child. He sacrificed himself for them and because of this, they’ve been apart for 20 years. All this time, Claire was absolutely convinced Jamie died in battle, because she was aware of the outcome history created. When finding out he was alive, she goes in search for him, because her love was as vivid as ever.

The book begins with a double perspective, were we read gradually what became of Clare and Jamie in all this time. Each character experienced marking events, but in their hearts, the memory lingered. I was very mad at Diana for keeping them apart and making them suffer this way, but it was considered a test, a test to see if time could alter their feeling. Guess what? It only made their love stronger.

As a reader, you get very emotional and I have to admit, I so wanted to skip the pages and go already to the moment they meet again. I had various scenarios in mind, but I knew the wait was worth it. This book was very long in particular and more complex, with a lot of characters, because 2 worlds were brought to us, not only 1.

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As you are used to, Diana focused on the characters and the changes they went through this 20 years. She introduced into the mix a lot of secondary characters that confused me a little and I must say, I forgot the flow of the plot and the relationships in between. The dynamic is still there, keeping you grounded all the time. There are funny scenes, emotional ones, all with so much realism in them. A big bonus for us is the descriptive style Diana has, because she pulls you into the plot in 1, 2 pages. You can feel how much she loves Scotland and this love is passed to her readers. There are many changes in scenarios, but you will love it and live intensively with Claire and Jamie.

“Voyager” takes the “Outlander Series” to a new level, more mature and passionate and I consider it the best so far. The mix was perfect and Diana outdone herself, because it makes you read and read until forever comes, without feeling bored one second.


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