Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout

opozitieMy rating: 5/5 stars 

The Lux Series is one of my favorite Paranormal series EVER and I am always blown away by Jennifer’s gift of stunning readers with amazing stories. “Obsidian” was the beginning of my irreversible crush and I just couldn’t stop myself from loving every page. The last book from the series is called “Opposition” and unfortunately, this is a good-bye to our beloved characters, describing exactly what the plot is about: the aliens are trying to conquer Earth and somebody must stop them. Who? I already think you know.

Katy and Daemon shared a lot of moments together and I think it is about time somebody leaves them alone for their HEA. But of course, “Opposition” brought us more problems that need to be overcome and when the Luxen come to Earth to claim it as their own, somebody has to stop them until it’s too late. Daemon is torn between his loyalty to his people and his love for Katy and there will be many moments when we will struggle to breathe because of intensity and emotions. There will be a lot of built alliances , betrayals that will break hearts, but also a lot of funny and lovable moments to make this series come full circle.

Imagini pentru katy and daemonDaemon Black was very convincing and showed us how stubborn and persistent he can be when wanting something. This, for me, put Katy in second place, mostly because all the time, Daemon was winning the spotlight. In “Opposition” the roles are reversed, leaving Katy had to prove a point and fight for Daemon. She used to be the one needed to be saved, but now, she was very determined on her mission and was willing to kick some serious alien ass to get Daemon back.  I don’t want to minimize the role the leading man had, but Katy was surely hard material and I loved every minute of this transformation. Dee, Archer and Luc were besides her and completed the plot very well, adding the salt and pepper necessary to love this book top to bottom. Humor, irony, drama, passion and love, all of them blended with the characters and moments, bringing us the final installment of the series.

Jennifer L. Armentrout does not disappoint, because her talent is unbelievable and I am very happy to have discovered this series. The characters are unique and so well crafted, the plot is intelligent and dynamic, giving you the impression that you are reading a movie script. The details were painted to perfection, making us fully alert of everything around us, like witnessing something from a 360 view. Daemon and Katy are an iconic couple for this genre and from experience, this is something very hard to dethrone.

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