Blush for Me by Kristen Proby

Imagini pentru blush for meMy rating: 5/5 stars 

This is my favorite book from The Fusion Series!!!! I’ve found it and I am sooo glad I waited until this one to give my 5 stars to Kat and Mac. They truly deserve it:) After reading the first 2 books, I was so drawn into this universe that Kristen created and I wanted to stay a little longer. The friendship between Addie, Mia, Cami, Kat and Riley is amazing and the stories they share are steamy and enjoyable.

“Blush for Me” is my favorite, not only in plot but also in characters. I loved Kat for her free spirit and Mac for being so persistent and alpha like. To share something from the plot, Kat travels to a whine convention and has to fly there. She is terrified of flying and convinced that she will die during the trip. In the plane she has seats near Mac, who is travelling also to that convention, but Kat doesn’t know it yet. They began to talk and as the plane takes off, some turbulences occur, leaving Kat to have a panic attach. Mac is there for her, comforting and trying to make her relax until landing. Feeling sick, Kat will run from Mac at the airport, but bhey will meet again at the wine convention and will become friends with benefits for a week. Only that Mac has other plans and will pursue Kat and try to figure out what this thing between them really means.

Imagine similarăMy favorite part of this book was Kat. I loved her personality, her free spirit, her style, intelligence and classiness. I loved how impulsive she is, but also how sweet and vulnerable she could be when opening her heart. Her relationship with Mac was really fun to watch, because they shared so many moments that could fit in a photo album. I discovered another Kat, a more vibrant person, which I really enjoyed reading about. Her dedication to her job and friends is admirable and the feelings she put in everything made me like her more. Mac was also very intense, showing her with words and action the depth of his feelings. They really made a nice fit, and I think Kristen made a very good choice by bringing them together.

The plot was the most complex, from my POV. It has intense scenes, funny ones, but also sad and thrilling. Kristen gave this book a more suspense twist and I loved it, because you need some action from time to time. The pack is together again, united as ever and you will love reading about the girls again.

Definitely my favorite book from the series:)



  1. I just love this author, I am in the middle of her Boudreaux series but as soon as I finish those I am reading this series and this book sounds so dang yummy!! I just love characters that are more “free spirited”. Great review.

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    1. Thank you so much:) I think the Boudreaux series is better than this one, but nevertheless, I loved this ones as well:D


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