Close to You by Kristen Proby

27213236My rating: 4.5/ stars 

I had a good feeling about this series and I just knew I have to continue reading this books until the last one. I love Kristen and her sweet style and this series was exactly what I needed to sugar coat my existente, even for a little while.

“Close to You” is the second installment from the Fusion series and brought us the most anticipated couple >> Cami and Landon. I’ve read about them in the first book and I knew their story would be awesome, because I love a good slow burn romance.

Cami is the CFO of Seduction, a classy restaurant that she co-own with her friends Addie, Mia, Kat and Riley. All her life she has been in love with Landon, Mia’s brother, but never had the courage to admit it. When Landon brought the news that he is joining the army, Cami abandoned all hope of pursuing a romance with him and married her college boyfriend. After a few years, she divorced him, because her feelings belonged completely to Landon. When Landon is injured in a mission and returns home to take on his family business, Cami is very guarded, because a wrong step could lead her to heartbreak. Adding that this love is not so one sided any more, the readers are in for a treat, because Landon will fight for Cami in every way that he can.

This love story was so light and cute, it made my heart melt. Kristen is awesome when sharing this stories with us and makes you so addictive you can’t put the book down. I loved Cami and Landon more than Addie and Jake, because I could relate to Cami. She is shy, stable, guarded, but also loving and passionate when her heart is concerned. Landon’s pursue was amazing and I really like to see this hero fight for Cami and trying to win back the time they were apart. When being injured, Cami was his only regret, but he is going to fix things by finally having her.

Of course the love scenes are amazing, the pack is all together again, a little drama is added to spice the plot, but also very intelligent and funny lines are in to make your weekend a hit! I personally loved Cami’s lines with Scoot the cat. She was so funny arguing with him, talking love issues, or being attached by him, only to receive a “meow” in return and innocent eyes.

I can’t wait to read Kat’s story, because I consider her the most mature and shocking girl from the group and I really think her story will be intense and also interesting, because her man has to be very powerful to be her equal.

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