The Man in the Black Suit by Sylvain Reynard

34329454My rating: 5/5 stars

I knew this book would be awesome, but my expectations were blown away by reality! Is there a comparison term for awesome? If not, I will create it for “The Man in the Black Suit” by Sylvain Reynard. My immense love and devotion for this author began when reading the “Gabriel Inferno” series and after that I was hooked. Then came “The Florentine” series and my obsession became deeper. When Sylvain announced the release of a new book in December, I thought that time wouldn’t go fast enough for this book to be mine, but what do you know? I have it and I am extremely happy to end my bookish year with this type of reading.

Ever since seeing the author’s autograph on the first pages of the book, I knew this would be an adventure, and boy did I was right. I could say without a doubt in mind that this book is one of the best Sylvain wrote and perfection was reached with all its glory.

Acacia is a concierge in The Victoire Hotel in Paris. She is extremely educated and in the first chapters of the book I wondered why she chose this profession with the amazing potential she obviously has. There she meets a mysterious man that manages to catch her attention. Throughout the next chapters of the book, this relationship will change very much, leaving Acacia to rely on Nicholas (this is his name, by the way), and discover feelings she thought were forbidden for her. This is the closest I get to spoilers, because every word that I say would give away the plot. What you need to know is that Acacia will be implicated in a very complex situation that regards art, theft and art black market, and Nicholas will protect her, falling in love in the process.


Acacia and Nicholas stole my heart, both as individuals and as a couple. Acacia is such a strong heroine, independent, smart and trustworthy. She is far from naive and Nicholas had to work hard to gain her trust. She is capable of taking care of herself, but there are times when you need someone by your side, to guide you through bad times. Nicholas changed Acacia’s word and made her open up to her past and reasons why she wanted to keep secrets.

Nicholas is also a tormented man, having lost his sister year ago in a robbery gone sideways. His whole family was devastated by this events and he swore to find the culprits. He dedicated his life to this cause and became involved with different circles and institutions to get back stolen art pieces. When destiny brings him to Acacia, he knew she will help him in more ways than one and throughout the plot they will discover each other.

This is a slow burn love story, which began initially with loathing and misunderstandings, but eventually led to something big, that clicked so well. Their relationship is intense, passionate, because both of them are stubborn people with great personalities. Together they make full circle, completing and showing each other the right path. They will accept each other, bot physically and emotionally and for me nothing could get better than this love story. It is a healing and forgiving lesson which everybody was to understand and why not, apply in real life.


What it is to love in this book? Where to start from? Begin with the penmanship. Sylvain is amazing. This inteligent writing style gave me the chills and I just love it every time he describes or used elevate words, because you could feel the research and attention behind every word. Nothing is put there accidentally, everything is calculated, inserted to create the maximum effect.

The places Sylvain brought the readers were amazing and described so well, you were actually there with the characters. Every detail was crafted to perfection and I couldn’t find a better narrator for Dubai, Paris or Santorini to show me around. Even if the narration was made at the 3rd person, nothing was lost, on the contrary, I believe I understood things better in this perspective.

The amount of details that made the plot were overwhelming and I was blown away by all the information gathered there. From politics, to religion and art, this is a 300 and something lesson that will enrich your vocabulary and mind.

The plot was extremely intelligent, dynamic, romantic and exciting, leaving me to read chapter after chapter with anticipation and curiosity. Sylvain Reynard, if you are reading this, I loved this book and congratulations for your amazing talent and devotion to your readers. Your passion trespasses the written word and I could feel every emotion coming from your lines. Never give up on writing for us 🙂 


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