Full Tilt by Emma Scott

My rating: 5/5 stars 

I really can’t find appropriate words to describe how much I loved this book. When my blog buddy, Sophie, recommended Emma Scott with the “Full Tilt series” I wanted to give it a try, because her stories are “sweet and romantic, with an emotional punch and ugly tears, always HEA” she said. She was 100% right, and even beyond. I finished the book like 5 hours ago and I’m still thinking of the plot and characters. Wow, Emma Scott, you just won yourself a new reader 🙂

“Full Tilt” shares with us the story of Kacey and Jonah, 2 different worlds that collide accidentally and ended up being the most wonderful thing that every happened to them. Kacey is living wild, being the guitarist in a very famous group, drinking, partying and enjoying fame. This is only a facade, because inside she is hallow and afraid. Her family kicked her out of the house at 17 and after that she was on her own. Her wild life style took a toll on her and every night is the same, drinks, party and men. One night she ends up in the back seat of a limo driven by Jonah, a young boy that was supposed to take her back to her hotel. Seeing Kacey stoned, he decides instead to take her to his place and let her sleep there for the night. This kind gesture makes Kacey feel protected and taken care off and from there on, they will become close friends, which will lead to more. Jonah has a terrible secret which is keeping him away from Kacey, but eventually he will learn that life put him in this position to love her for as long as he can, without fears.

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This book left me speechless and sobbing. I am not a crier… I feel this dull in my belly, my heart is beating fast, but I rarely cry. Well, with “Full Tilt” I made up lost time, because it is impossible not to feel emotion in its rawest state when reading about Kacey and Jonah. First, this characters were amazingly written. I loved Kacey’s will, determination and hope. Even if she made a lot of mistakes and succumbed herself in addiction, she is a very good person with a lot of love to share. She was hiding for such a long time in music and alcohol and when she met Jonah, she could finally let go of the things she was afraid off. He was her freedom and anchor, the person she could trust and love with an open heart, even if their time was limited. I admired her strength and devotion towards Jonah, being there for him body and soul.

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Jonah broke my heart from moment 1. He was such an amazing boy, with immense talent and such a sweet heart. He found something in Kacey that was worth fighting for and even if he knew that his time was limited, he wanted to be her friend and enjoy her company. Together they shared so many things and I was soooo glad when they discovered love, because as a couple they made me cry. He had priorities that couldn’t be derailed by love, but Kacey’s presence ended up being the most wonderful thing that happened to him, making his days sweeter and full with emotion.  He was so brave and even if he knew that his illness will take him away from this wonderful life he just discovered, he felt every moment at maximum intensity and did left something behind. His art, his love and his friends are a true example of how amazing he is.

I really can’t describe how Emma writes a love scene or a sad one. The depth of her emotions affect you to the core and you just become addictive, even when you know you are hurting. You want to go on, feed on the feelings and hope that things will get better on the way. You learn so much, see things in another perspective and value more the ones that are near you. This book has to be one of the most sensitive and emotional of 2017 and I am very glad to have found Emma Scott.


  1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I am so happy that you are her fan now Ramona!!!! Fantastic review. You described Jona.h and Kacey perfectly. I agree 100% with your description of Emma’s writing. Now VERY important question: do you have any tissues left?

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