We Love… Helena Newbury

Image result for helena graphicsFor this interview I am very excited for you guys to meet Helena Newbury. I loved her action packed books, with strong heroines, alpha male heroes and lots of tension in between. To quote her “you might find a CIA agent on her very first mission, struggling with her loyalties as she falls for the man she’s been sent to spy on, or a woman who volunteers to fight in an underground tournament to save her brother’s life, and must convince a brooding ex-fighter to teach her to box”. Sounds yummy, right? I totally recommend her books and I hope you will like this interview, to get to know her better and explore her powerful stories.

UntitledkfjdsfdsRamona: Share something about you that you want all the readers to know. Maybe something special, something hidden or never told before…

Helena: I’m really scared of heights. Like, don’t-even-like-going-out-on-a-balcony scared. And being trapped underwater. I think there are scenes in “Alaska Wild” and “Captain Rourke” where that comes out.

Ramona: What is your strangest habit when writing?

Helena: I write at a standing desk and I spend a lot of the time standing on one leg like a stork. I don’t know why, I think it must help me think. I really, REALLY recommend the standing desk thing, by the way.

Ramona: Why this love for action and powerful heroes?

Helena: I like the way that intense events can bring two people together, forcing them to put their faith in someone they never would have trusted, or even met, otherwise. Also, the best way to show the strength of something is to try to break it. The powerful heroes – yes, I do tend to write them big 😀 I like the contrast between physical strength and inner tenderness, especially when the hero doesn’t even know he has that capability inside him until he meets the heroine.

Ramona: Please pick your favorite couple from your books and tell us why.

Helena: I have a particular soft spot for Karen and Conner from “In Harmony” because Karen is a lot like me.


Ramona: Which is your most successful book?

Helena: “Alaska Wild” is probably my most successful book overall (looking at the audio-book, the paperback, the e-book, Kindle Unlimited reads, etc.), although Dance For Me may have sold more actual copies while it was in the bestseller lists (for one thing, Kindle Unlimited wasn’t around then). One of those two, anyway 🙂

Ramona: What is the message you want your readers to receive after reading your book?

Helena: That you’re stronger than you think. That you don’t have to take abuse or live in fear. That no one is insignificant and that everyone has something to offer the world. That there’s someone out there for you, no matter how strange or unlovable you think you are.

Ramona: What are your future projects? Can you share something with the readers?

Helena: There will be a new book in February, all being well, and I think fans of “Saving Liberty” will really like it. It’s a standalone (as always) with all new characters.

Ramona: How important are your readers to you? Do you talk to them on social media? Please send a message to them 🙂 

Helena: Readers are the MOST important. One of the big advantages of being indie is that it’s just us: me and the readers, with no publisher in the way. I’m really easy to get in touch with and I’ll talk to anyone. I don’t use Facebook or Twitter all that much because, if I did, I wouldn’t get any writing done. But I’m always available on email and chat to readers all the time.

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For more info about Helena, check out her awesome pages:

Official site: http://helenanewbury.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HelenaNewburyAuthor

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/helenanewburyauthor

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