Ragdoll by Daniel Cole

3128My rating: 3/5 stars 

Thrillers are a must for me + an old passion and every time an interesting title pops up, I put aside my long list and start reading that certain title. The same happened with “Ragdoll”. Opinions are divided, some said it was not extremely original, some said it was very raw and cruel, but we are talking about a thriller here, not a love story, so it has to have an impact, something to remember it by.

Everything starts when a body is found abandoned on a field. You might say that it’s not something extremely original here, but when you find out the body is made of 6 people’s body parts, you begin to change your mind. William Fawkes is called at the crime scene, together with his partner, Emily. The crime scene is brutal, awful and nobody can get the puzzles together right. Even thought he was suspended a while ago for disturbing behavior in a court room, the British need good men to solve the case and Fawkes is one of them. When Fawkes finds a list of future victims, things rush up and everything  changes at lighting speed, because the last name on the list it’s his. Now the stake can be his life…

The plot is extremely intelligent and realistic, but I can’t say totally unpredictable. It has some twists and turns that keep you on the edge, but besides the original idea of having a corps made of several other people named Ragdoll, nothing was WOW and never seen before. I liked the sarcastic and ironic British humor, I wasn’t expecting that to show up in a very bloody book. We go back and forth a while, present and past and see the whole picture as wide as possible, to get to understand the characters completely. Besides this, I liked that the characters were relatable, with common problems and worries, binding you to them and making this adventure easy to follow.

What shocks you in the book are the details, delivered in generous amount. If you don’t feel very well when reading this stuff, don’t do it, because your stomach can get upset. Daniel Cole used to be a paramedic, so I think he was very comfortable around stuff like this, almost in his element 🙂

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