Killing Sarai (In the Company of Killers #1) by J.A. Redmerski

My rating: 5/5 stars 

I have this book on my TBR list like forever and I never got to it, until I found out it was turning into a TV series. That peeked my interest and wanted to see if the book was really worth the attention it received. “Killing Sarai” is not my style, but I loved it and soon became addicted to the story and the characters. They are so imperfect, so damaged, that you fall in love with them and their flaws.

Sarai lived all her teenage life between gangsters and drug dealers. She was brought there by her mom and after she died, became the favorite of Javier, a notorious drug dealer that apparently fell in love with her. He also ran a very complex underground women traffic operation, and Sarai witnessed it all. During the years, she felt accustomed to this way of living, until her attention was caught by Victor, a mysterious man, that seemed to be American, just like her. Convinced that due to this he will help, she used him to escape, only to get caught in another web of danger, killing and life threatening events.

Killing Sarai is destined to be a TV series, because it is actioned packed, and gives you a true addiction to the plot.

Sarai is not your average heroine, because she is damaged, even if she wants to stay strong and pretend otherwise. Hostage without her will, used for her body, she coped with her situation and managed to believe that she will be ok. Even if Javier was treating her differently than the others, taking her to parties and giving her luxuries vs the other girls, Sarai is practically a sex slave. She has seen death, girls being beaten, raped, drugged and so on. When Victor appears, her instincts were to trust him and use him to escape. She did it, but the real journey began then, because everything changed for Sarai. When I looked at the title, I thought that „Killing Sarai” was about a murderer that wanted to kill the heroine, but now I know it runs deeper than that. When Sarai leaves with Victor, she stops being SARAI and becomes someone else, someone who has to cope with a new way of life, a new meaning, that apparently fist her well. She will enter Victors world and discover how much she belongs in it.

I liked Victor as well, even if for a hero he is very cold and calculated, becoming an assassin from the early age of 9. He kills without asking questions and he was meant to kill Sarai as well, but he didn’t. Throughout the book we discover that this character has a lot of layers and ladies, you will swoon! I personally loved their connection, their moments, even if there were not a lot of steamy ones, but the build up is palpable and you feel the anticipation growing stronger. They really became a power couple and I look forward to reading the sequel, because I know things will progress even faster than in the first book.

I totally recommend this book because it is really special, in a raw sort of way. It shows you the ugly part of life, where crimes and danger go hand in hand, and only the strong can survive. It tells a story about 2 people that meet under extreme circumstances and when something changes in them, they become an unstoppable force of nature.

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