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For this interview I have a very special person for you, the author of a series that stold my heart, “The Terms Duet”. Ruby Rowe writes pasionally, with all her heart, and delivers so powerful characters and complex plots, you instantly fell in love with everything she creates. Guys, you will love every minute of this interview 🙂


Ramona: What does Ruby do when she’s not writing?

Ruby: When I’m not writing, I read romance, watch movies, and hike and travel with my husband. We recently moved to Colorado from Indiana, so we’re looking forward to spring when we’ll be able to get into the state and national parks again.

Imagini pentru THE TERMS DUETRamona: Tell us something about The Terms Duet and how it became such a successful book.

Ruby: I wanted to write a book that had a lot of mystery and suspense, secrets and twists, and so that’s how The Terms Duet came about. I also wanted to challenge myself to write about amnesia and a secret baby in a way that didn’t seem cliche or cheesy, and I feel like I pulled that off with this Duet. I’m not sure about what led to its success. If guessing, I’d say it was from a mix of good marketing and the suspense of the story that  prompted readers to want to finish both books.

Ramona: How did you come up with the name Ellis?

Ruby: Cool question. I came up with the name Ellis from an ex-boyfriend from middle school who had the last name Ellison. The story has nothing to do with him, but I always liked the name, so I decided to shorten it to have something unique. 

Ramona: How important is research when starting to write a book? In The Terms case, how involved were you?

Ruby: Research is extremely important in my opinion. I don’t want a reader who’s an expert on a topic I included in my book to feel I got it all wrong and leave a negative review referencing that. I’ve seen it happen to authors. I want the story to be authentic. My editor would probably say I stress too much over the details. I usually research as I write unless it’s something I feel could really derail my plot. The Terms required a lot of research on hacking and the will and trust scenes (inheritance laws), along with information on the FBI. I also researched the Denver area of Colorado in length since we didn’t live here yet, but I’d do those things once I reached those parts of the story. I’m a pantser that way. Ha ha!

Imagini pentru LOVE THIS BOOKRamona: What would you like the reader to think and feel after reading one of your books?

Ruby: I want my stories to touch people on a personal level. I weave a lot of personal growth into my characters journeys, and I want readers to relate to that on some level. I try to make my characters realistic and down to earth with the hope that my readers will feel a connection and find something positive to carry on with them once they finish the book.

Ramona: Who helped you with the designs for the covers?

Ruby: Jo-Anna Walker from Just Write. Creations created the covers for me. Alfie Gabriel, a popular book cover model, is on the cover of book one, and I purchased the photo from Pink Ink Designs. The second photo was a simple stock photo that Just Write. Creations worked her magic on.

Ramona: Tell us something about your writing style. How is it different from other contemporary romance authors?

Ruby: I write my stories in first person/present tense, which I don’t believe is as common a writing style. If written in first person, most books I come across are past tense. I do find other authors who write first/present, but I just don’t think it’s as common as first/past or third person/past. I write first person/present tense because I feel it’s another way to get readers immersed in my books. They’re reading them like the stories are playing out at that moment.

Ramona: Have you ever turned a dream or nightmare into a story?

Ruby:I don’t recall ever turning a dream or nightmare into a story. I do, however, have plots and characters pop into my mind randomly, and I’ll have no idea where they came from or why they appeared at that particular moment.

Imagini pentru COLLEEN HOOVER

Ramona: If you could collaborate with any author, who would it be and why?

Ruby: If I could collaborate with any author, it would probably be Colleen Hoover. I like to write emotional scenes that dig deep into a character’s issues, and I feel she does that in her stories. I’d feel honored to have the opportunity to write scenes and characters like that with her.


Ramona: How involved are you in social media and keeping a strong communication with your readers?

Ruby: I’m extremely involved in social media. I have an account with almost all social media avenues, and I’m also very active in my reader group. I feel it’s a must for increasing sales, and I also love to get to know my readers.

Ramona: How do you promote your books?

Ruby: I promote my books on social media sites and mainly through Amazon ads. I also advertise through email subscriber sites like BookBub and My Romance Reads. I promote through my newsletter and Facebook ads, too.

Imagine similară

Ramona: Can you share with us some future project plans?

Ruby: My next novel is The Price: Greyson and Sasha’s Story (An Additional Novel to The Terms Duet). It releases February 22nd. Many readers of The Terms Duet wanted to hear more about the supporting characters Greyson and Sasha, so I’m presently writing their story. It’s emotional as Sasha deals with her troubled past, but it’s also filled with humor and love. After The Price, I plan on tackling a love triangle, and both males will share the heroine at a point in the story. Those characters talk to me constantly, so I’m eager to get working on their novel.

Ramona: A message for the readers, please? 🙂

Ruby: Readers, thank you for taking the time to read through this interview. I hope you’ll check out my writing and also some of the books under my other pen name, Scarlet Wolfe. I truly appreciate all your support! I couldn’t do this as a career without those who are passionate about reading and supporting their favorite authors. 


For more about Ruby, click the links below:

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/16362632.Ruby_Rowe

FB: https://www.facebook.com/authorrubyrowe/

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