The Heir by Kiera Cass

My rating: 3/5 stars

I really liked the first 3 books from “The Selection” series. From cover to plot and characters, it was enjoyable and I managed to read them in record time, because the style is light and easy to follow. When the 4th book was release, I was very happy about it because I imagined America and Maxon will have a huge role in the plot and I was dying to see how they rule their people and live their story. It was not the case, because “The Heir” was all about princess Eadlyn, the daughter of the royal couple, who recently turned 20 and will have her own Selection. If we had the chance to see the Selection from out far, now we will see it from within, through the eyes of the royal princess.

As I mentioned, the style is light, but if you know Kiera, this style comes with a lot of surprises, twist, OMG moments and a lot of politic details. Eadlyn was not my favorite, mainly because she is extremely spoiled and considers her above other, treating them badly. Someway towards the end I could figure her out, because she opened up more and told us readers about her fears and expectations. At 20, she is in a constant search for her identity, and the road is very difficult, packed with obstacles and various trials. She has to learn to be more devoted to her people, more humble and understanding, embracing this status not as a burden, but as responsibility. Being a princess doesn’t mean arrogance, means being equal to your people and inspiring them to be better, with words and actions, having her parents example to guide her.

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A bonus for this book was the mystery that lingered in the plot, because if Maxon was very transparent about his feelings towards America, Eadlyn never let us suspect a chosen one, someone extremely obvious that took part in the Selection to win her heart. I wanted more romance on the way, but Kiera was not having it. Another aspect in which she insisted a lot was the political details, but also the moral features a princess must have in order to embrace her role properly.

The thing I didn’t like was the absence of scenes for America and Maxon. I wanted them more active as a the royal couple, not only as Eadlyn parents. They were kind of static and I never got to read how they ruled within this 20 years, the things they did for their people or the adventures they had. Maybe I wanted some flashbacks, because I missed this 2 sooo much. Be prepared for Aspen and Malory, 2 adorable secondary characters.

I hope you enjoy this 4th installment and looking forward to the next book:)

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