Sweet Nothing by Jamie McGuire and Teresa Mummert

gdfdgfdgfdMy rating: 3.5/5 stars 

I don’t know much about Teresa Mummert, but I can tell you a lot about Jamie McGuire, because I loved her Maddox brothers (Thomas **sight**). She writes so beautifully, as to mend a broken heart, picking interesting plots, dynamic characters, with such colorful features. In “Sweet Nothing” Jamie joined Teresa and together they build something different, which had its ups and downs for me, but eventually did the trick.

Avery and Josh work at the same hospital, she is a nurse and he is a paramedic. In an ordinary night, they meet on the road and waiting for the green light to appear, they talk and flirt. What happens next will change both of their lives and the readers will be put in a whirlwind of shocking events, mostly by the end of the story. They are like the perfect, normal couple, with problems and happy moments, but they are super cute and in love. After the accident from that night, Josh decided to pursue Avery after realizing how short life is. She was not very willing at first, because Josh is a total flirt and sleeps with a lot of women, but eventually she realizes his good intentions, his change and falls in love with him. I had the feeling that things were going too fast, but I thought I was imagining things. I should listen to my experience talking in my head, but I trusted my heart to this 2 girls… BAD IDEA!!!

You know what my problem is?? Even if I love Romance and believe I know every twist and turn possibly created for this genre, I was not prepared for this to happen. Points for originality and a little sprinkle of unrealism. The title is not casually chosen, it perfectly reflects everything about this book. The first part was semi boring, with nothing out of the ordinary, but the other half of the book was a wrecking ball, when everything has finally a shape and questions begin to arise, only for them to have some surprising answers.

Personally, I would want to read more story such as these, because I think Jamie and Teresa did a good job, breaking the habit, even if they broke your feelings in the process. This book will surely stay with you a lot, and even Jamie admitted she wanted the shock element to be 100% present in the book. Well, it surely was 🙂


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